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A most frumious collection of compatabilty patches for RedBag's Rorikstead

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A most frumious collection of compatibility patches for RedBag's Rorikstead.

These patches were created for use in my own load order, and I have uploaded them here in case others might find them useful in adding Redbag's Rorikstead to their own game. No warranty is implied or provided. Please do not seek support from the original mod author's regarding these patches, as I'm sure they have enough to concern themselves without having to deal with my faffing about. 
Files are flagged as ESPFE, and have been cleaned with xEdit v4.0.4. Like the overhaul mod itself these files are patching, use of the patches will require a new game due to issues with modifying references in an ongoing save. The sort order of the master files on the patch files demonstrate the order of the files in my own load order when the patch was created, though I try to create the patches to be load order agnostic unless otherwise specified. Exact details on the changes made by the patches are best spelunked using xEdit, though a short summary for each patch is provided below.

If you find any issues or have questions/suggestions, please let me know! Thank you for your consideration and patience in all correspondence.

TODO - Acquire permissions and upload completed patches (yumcheese), create an Embers XD patch, create eFps patch, FOMOD AIO Installer.

Interesting NPCs
- moves a number of references, in particular to allow the Blood and Bones (MQ05) scenes to playout in the new Frostfruit inn correctly.

Lanterns of Skyrim II - moves three lanterns, their lights and insects to new exterior placements.

Legacy of the Dragonborn - moves two letters and a drunk marker from original interior cell to new interior cell.

New Treasure Hunt - disables a copied reference in new interior, and moves the original references from the old interior to the new interior.

Skald's Mail - moves mailbox to new Frostfruit Inn exterior location.

Frumious Fixations - my fixes patch, corrects Eric the Slayer not spawning in the new inn, and faction fix so Mralki will once again sell his store inventory.