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Five conjured sword blades on corporeal hilts. Calcelmo sells the hilts. Can you find the blades?

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Want a different color?  No problem!  Simply find Textures\Weapons\Severance\ and make it whatever color you like!  Save in BC7 format.  I use

Ask nicely on Discord (Vain#1554) and I'll do it for you!

Change the color of the hilt's gem by altering the Emissive Color on 11 BSTriShape (Gem)'s BSLightingShaderProperty on SeveranceHilt.nif and the Emissive and Specular Color on 15 BSTriShape (GemGlow)'s BSLightingShaderProperty.  I used NifSkope.

Description by @ Black Reaper ii (XBL)
Made in collaboration - he did the thinking, I did the working.
The armor in the screenshots is the cultist set from this mod

The enchantment has ridiculously few charges when I enchant something with it!

Don't worry - it's just like that sometimes.  Once you have the magnitude chosen and hit OK in the enchantment menu, deselect the enchantment and then reselect it.  The charges will now properly be 000 (Skyrim for infinity).  If you are combining the enchantment with another, the charge will not be infinite because it will still be limited by whatever charge level your second enchantment has.  It shouldn't make that second enchantment cost any more (or run out more quickly) but it will probably run out at the same time despite being "infinite".

A Lost Dwemer Artifact
Much like its siblings Keening and Sunder, Severance was created for a purpose.  This was a Fail Safe created by the Deep Elves incase Wraithguard and its accompanying tools ever fell into enemy hands.  Unlike its siblings Severance was no tool. It was a Weapon. Not for creating a god. But for destroying one.  Using Tonal Control it emits an Ethereal Blade capable of cutting
through even Wraithguards defences.

However this Weapon was Forged Just shortly before the Deep Elves felt Azuras Wrath.  And so it was lost to time.  At least until now. It seems an odd man by the name of Calcelmo has found an assortment of odd hilts adorned with a few gems.

[ Calcelmo sells unenchanted hilts to those with the Merchant perk. The enchanted blades can be found in his museum (sapphire), Saarthal (diamond), Sinderion's Field Laboratory in Blackreach (ruby), and Tel Mithryn (emerald) ]

There is a one color for each Paragon Gem.

You will Notice Amethyst is not in this List. And that's because it was
what started the Severance Blade idea. So its Dear to me. In order to
find Amethyst I leave you a Clue.

[ If one can grasp its knowledge without loosing themself to madness.
Above its prison the true severance will reside bathed in the light
seeping through the ice, Severance's hum calls not once but twice ]

If you Figure out Amethysts Location Message me on XBL @ Black Reaper ii

This Sword was Made to fill the gap between Bound Weapons and Physical Swords.
I've wanted a Lore Friendly weapon of this nature. Think. Lightsaber but Magic.  There are plans to make a series of these types of weapons. Stay tuned?