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This is the V80 (Version 80) of the Modern Weapons mod for Skyrim SE AE.

Delete the Old Versions before new install..............................................

Place the Data into the Skyrim folder then activate the plugin with a mod manager.

There are roughly 239 weapons.

Permissions and credits
Time Travelers Weapons - BBMR Addon - Gold Edition

Update News
- Modern Firearms V80 4k Edition

The V80 version remakes the crafting requirements by removing the spell requirement from the book this is to make the mod even more compatible with other mods and systems.

Once you crafted a weapon it will take a lot of soul gems to keep them functioning.

If you really like the firearm that you crafted you can upgrade it at the Skyforge and increase its capacity by super charging it and the weapon will become _SC variant.

- Delete older version and replace with V63 its now a ESM also a big sound update to allow you to hear 
Example of what you will hear in V69

Super Charged Weapons are crafted at the Skyforge
Super Charged Weapons

That's right there are New weapons released in V60!!!

All weapons require soul gems to function, however a smart mage from College of Winterhold created a powerful modification to these weapons, now any weapon you can get your hands on will have the possibility to be upgraded... Super Charged  at the Skyforge in whiterun due to that forges legendary magical power emanating form within it.

 The price of upgrading your Favorite weapons will be : 

The Weapon Itself
1 Black soul gem
100 Common Soul gems

and then the magic forms your weapon into a pack a punched supercharged firearm that will have a huge capacity and you wont need to worry about reloading them for a while so these firearms will also be a great new way to have companions use weapons more efficiently and not worry about them running out of ammo too fast in midst of a battle.

The Update is almost ready so stay tuned not too long now.

Super Charged Weapons 
Guns come from the Future from the Lands of Fallout

Video Explains this lore.

The New Mod that has been getting developed and play tested endlessly will be paired alongside Modern Firearms they are separate mods but when used together the damage balancing will be very present and fluent.

ARMABORN - Released at:

Skyrim Modern Weapons - Version 69

        240 Weapons IN GAME!!!
V53 has new sounds for most weapons and around 240 unique variants of firearms. 
When Downloading New version make sure to replace all files when asked because it fixes or changes many files and sounds every update.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. has a New Mod

Next Big Update V69 - Non Lethal Weapons Addon
Also adds Slowness effect on all projectiles and upgrades the taser

Knockout and Surrender - Non-Lethal Pacifist yielding options
This mod Paired with The new Non-Lethal Addon is amazing enemies can now put their hands up after they decide to surrender 

Modern Weapons Mod add around 200 new unique Firearms to the craft list, the player now has to acquire few resources before using a weapon and also keep an eye on ammunition usage.

Craft the Book that is crafted at the forge MISC section to learn the skills then you are ready to craft weapons at the forge under the same section.

The mod also uses no scripts to ensure any update Skyrim gets the mod still functions.

Crafted at the MISC section when Forging weapons
How to Craft Weapons?
To craft a weapon you first must choose a weapon type you want is it a Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, Electrical, Flammable, Explosive or a Cheap Variant that needs less materials hence then name Cheap Pistol or Rifle and so on.

After you chosen a weapon type find the parts in the MISC section of a forge.

Then start building the parts, here is an example of a Rifle : 

Rifle Parts Barrel
Rifle Parts Externals
Rifle Parts Frame
Rifle Parts Internals
Rifle Parts Receiver
Rifle Weapon Kit

Then once you have all six you will need to assemble the parts into Part 1 and 2 that will build up the specific weapon you desire to make at the forge.

Rifle Parts Barrel
Rifle Parts Frame
Rifle Parts Receiver

Makes the Rifle Part 1

Rifle Parts Externals
Rifle Parts Internals
Rifle Weapon Kit

Makes the Rifle Part 2

Now you have Parts 1, 2 

You combine them with a Weapons blueprint and a few gold coins or a lot of gold coins depending on the ammo size and power of the weapons you choose to make.

Weapon Combat - How to effectively use them?
Pretty much same as any FPS game.

(DmitryXYZ) - Rebels (Game Mod Experiment) it's so cool!! and Scary!!! 

The lore behind the weapons technology:
The weapons of Earth require bullets to function... however with the help of some handy soul gems you are able to create magic infused bullets that form inside the weapon once empty, so to recharge the weapon you will recharge it like any other magical weapon only instead of it filling up the staff it fills up your magazine with magical ammo that once empty can always be refilled with a trusty common soul gem or if your using a TOZ66 or TOZ34 they can be refilled with a petty soul gems for they only have 2 shots.
content V69

The next update content V69

Real Plasma Weapons USA

Enjoy! !!