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Just a simple replacement for the greatsword idle animation.

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     Everyone's TO DO list:
      1. See this mod.
      2. Open up Skyrim to see what's wrong with the first person greatsword idle.
      3. See that greatswords are completely static when standing still in first person.
      4. Wonder how you didn't notice that before.
      2. Those who didn't go check in-game will now go check in-game.
      5. Install this mod.
      6. Be happy.
Optional Step 1 for people with no sense of humor: Watch zGRD's Video.

zGRD made a version of this for vanilla Skyrim at my request! <3

Sadly it doesn't work for SE. But what I figured is he copied over the animation mesh from one of the other two-handers.
So I extracted the warhammer first person idle from the SE BSA and replaced the greatsword first person idle with it and it worked!
I hope others benefit from this as I did.