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A small selection of Cannibal Recipes for Realistic Needs and Diseases that makes them compatible and nourishing.

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As a budding in game Argonian Cannibal, I enjoy deriving nourishment from human flesh for RP purposes, so I created some recipes that add 3 stews that use hearts and flesh to restore Magicka/Stamina/health and one to create a craftable Cure Disease potion using the Cookpot, I also made human flesh compatible with RNDs salted and charred flesh recipes.

Pretty simple.

I made this mod to go along with my Hearts and Meats mod . Check it out too! :)

The amount of bonus the cannibal parts give was based off the AWESOME MOVIE called "RAVENOUS"

If you have not seen it, go do it NOW! This mod tries to bring it into Skyrim.

As usual, if you feel the need to comment, request or just say Hi please feel free to do so, I check the comment section every once in a while