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This MOD will allow you to block with a spell in hand or with two weapons. Could not wait any longer for a dual wield blocking mod so I made one. This should hold people over until SKSE versions begin to appear, although it looks to be holding its own just fine.

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Completely redone! A fully functional and intuitive dual wield blocking mod with ZERO scripts. You can fight with spells in the off hand, weapons, and do all attacks with ease. Additionally just tapping backwards while pressing the right mouse button will put you in guard. It's really that easy. Using some work arounds in the Creation Kit, this mod has been done using the vanilla animations, and just reordering when they activate.

Additionally check out the other versions below for more options. Please look at version C and D, these are probably the best versions overall. Sorry for all the different versions, but we all have our preferences. I like version D the best myself at the moment. 


VERSION A) Press backwards to move backwards and simultaneously (or near simultaneously) press the RIGHT mouse button to use left hand. 

VERSION B)  Press Right to move to the Right and simultaneously (or near simultaneously) press the RIGHT mouse button to use left hand.

VERSION C)  Stand still, not movement and you will always block. Move in any direction and you can attack freely with the left hand. 

VERSION D) Stand still or move backwards to block. Moving forwards or sideways allows freedom to attack. This is the MOST reliable for getting off a block in combat with no hitches. It flows better, if you are aggressive moving forwards or from side to side you can attack, if you are defensive standing still or needing to retreat block mode is enabled. Also helps for those having issues with backwards blocking being a bit sluggish.


  • Will get an animation in ASAP for dual wield blocking so it looks better in 3rd person

  • Stave blocking, looking difficult, still trying on this one

  • Possibly get a workaround for the low mana in mage off hand issue. Though its a minor inconvenience for the most part. 


  • 1.3a and 1.3b are fixes for dual casting. Previous versions would not allow you to dual cast when moving in the trigger direction. This should all be fixed now. Let me know if any issues arise.   
  • 1.35a and 1.35b fixed one place where there was the possibility of an open loop in the Idle animation structure. This was related to a double entry for dual cast, had to delete the old one, I tried to just "disable" it and that might have caused some looping. 
  • 1.35c Added a version which I consider superior to all others. Stand still to block, move and you can attack with the left hand freely. Hopefully this also resolves issues with those having mouse buttons reversed in settings. 
  • 1.35d Added, more of the same as C, just I thought for some the natural instinct is to move backwards when overwhelmed, so I wanted to add to version C and make it if you stand still or move backwards blocking is triggered. Definitely gives a better feel for flow in combat. 


The mod changes some of the animation placements in the script structure. Nothing outrageous, but avoid anything that does similar things to the game. It really is only like 3 or 4 total edits so probably not going to cause any issues whatsoever!

For spells, if you are using custom spells, keep in mind in order for them to allow you to block they cant have a cast time of zero. All other spells will work. I edited all spells in the vanilla game that were zero and made then 0.1 seconds, which really is nothing that you can notice. So for compatibility sake, keep in mind the spell cast times. If you do get spell that is instant cast, it wont break the mod, it simply won't let you dual wield block with that particular spell. So no worries. 


Let me know if there are any issues. I will continue to do some more testing myself, but I think this will be good to go as is.

Enjoy the mod and please endorse if you like. I slogged through to get this latest version up and pray there don't need to be any more changes.



If you find third person a little sluggish add the ini tweaks below. It makes third person behave more like 1st person.

SkyrimPrefs.ini  located at C:\Users\"yourname"\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition, add the following: