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Allows Hunterborn to use the Hunting in Skyrim skinned animal models (without installing Hunting in Skyrim)

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Hunterborn has been a staple of my load order for a long time--I won't play without it.  I tried Hunting in Skyrim as well, and I think it's a GREAT mod and I really like some of the hunting and fishing features, but I just wasn't looking to add a guild and guild halls and all that.  Maybe some day I will try it again, but at the time I decided to remove it.  One thing I did miss, however, were the skinned animal models.  It's quite a trivial thing, really, since the skinned animal is only on the screen for a few moments before I dispose of it, but I always wished I could have those back, so I finally broke down and made a mod to give JUST the skinned models from HiS to Hunterborn.  This mod is the ESL and script files ONLY--I do not own or have rights to the HiS meshes or textures.

To make this mod work:
  1. Install Hunterborn and any required patches.
  2. Install Hunterborn SE MCM (This patch MAY work without the MCM, but it was written using that script and I highly recommend it).
  3. Install this mod, letting it overwrite Hunterborn.
  4. Download Hunting in Skyrim and unpack JUST the following folders:
  5. \meshes\huntinginskyrim\animals\skinned animals\

    They are found in HuntinginSkyrim.BSA and HuntinginSkyrim - Textures.BSA, respectively.  You will need a BSA extractor to do this.  Once you unpack them, you can copy them directly to the meshes and textures folders in your data folder, or add them to the folder for this mod if you use MO2.  If this isn't clear enough, there is an excellent set of instructions from xGasilx stickied in the posts section.

That's it!  You should have skinned models for any creature that has one in HiS.  The Hunterborn MCM will not see Hunting in Skyrim, but the scripts will work.