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  1. deleted99848658
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    Get to da head-choppa!!
  2. zobelogne
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    Looks great. Thank you!

    The game wouldn't progress when I loaded the save for whatever reason and I was just stuck not able to move. I assume because of some mod conflicts.

    Anyone with this problem, if you have RaceMenu you can save Conan as a preset to use in any save or new game.
  3. colorlessness
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    Thanks for your work, certainly saved me some time.
  4. Oblivionplayer437
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    Appreciated, as this save was made with no mods installed, it is plain vanilla and thus perfect to add mods to later on. It worked perfectly and is most suited to a savage warrior character.

    The only quirk I noticed was that in the main menu list of saves, this save will not display any character name. So one has to remember which save number it is or go by the save picture. I don't know if there is a workaround to resurrect the character name in the save list but it is minor issue and apparently does not impact the functionality of the save.
  5. VindalfOthala
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    Didn't work for me.
  6. phrozac
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    Are you using the vanilla body textures in these images?
  7. Maxcore1911
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    I'm a friend of Sarah Connor, i was told that she is here, could i see her please?

    Great work mate!