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Random Jump Animation

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  • Russian

- Improved the quality of all animations.

- Removed the roll-on landing function while sprinting and the roll-on landing function when falling.

- Jumps are divided into standing jumps, forward jumps, and sprint jumps.

- The fall animation was made to take a landing pose at the beginning, and then switch to the falling animation when the falling time is long.

- 4 types of jumping in place, 4 types of jumping while moving, 4 types of jumping while sprinting, and 4 types of fall animations were randomly configured.

- Increased the game's gravity value from 1.35 to 3 to shorten the flight time after jumping.

- The fall damage has been nerfed by increasing the speed when falling due to the correction of gravity.

- The maximum fall height of NPCs has been modified to prevent falling damage from spiders coming down from the air.

- During the Meridia quest, a perk is given to prevent death from falling damage.

1.4 update

- Fixed intermittent landing bug

1.3 update

- Fixed the point where the camera viewpoint was changed in the fall animation.

- Fixed the point where the animation of falling in mid-air after landing intermittently was displayed.

- Added jump animation for each weapon type

- Remove SPID files that are no longer in use

Gravity values can be modified in SmoothJumpINISettings.ini

(Vanilla default 1.35)