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Plugin for Mod Organizer that will run sseedit quick clean on all bethesda & creation club plugins.

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Plugin for Mod Organizer that will run SSEEdit quick clean on a set of plugins, so you don't have to manually click the buttons for every plugin.

SSEEdit 4.0.4, and it must be added to the MO tools dropdown as "SSEEdit" exactly.
This plugin has been verified for Mod Organizer v2.4.2

Paste the contents of the archive in the Plugins directory in your Mod Organizer installation.  Restart Mod Organizer.

You MUST have SSEEdit registered as a tool in the tool dropdown. Otherwise it will not work.
In the top ribbon, click Tools->Tool Plugins->Clean All.  Or click the puzzle pieces icon->Clean All.  Select the plugins you want cleaned and press Clean.
Sit back and relax.

Known Problems
Once it starts, there's no way to cancel, except by killing the Mod Organizer process.