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make HKANNO a bit easier to use. Batch dumping, batch updating, and a quick workaround for Skysa's heavy attack animations.

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a convenience tool I made to make HKANNO usage less frustrating.


1. Download hkanno and HCT(hkanno's requirement)
2. download and install JRE. (if you play minecraft java you already have it)
3. download this mod and extract.
4. extract hkanno and all its files into the same folder as this mod.
5. make sure the directory path does not contain " " or "." otherwise the program won't work.
6. double click HKCT.bat to run the program.

how to use:
put animations(.hkx files) into "animations" folder.
open program, input "d" to dump all animation's annotation. They'll be stored in "annotations" folder.
you can either edit annotations manually with your preferred text editor, or use the tool's built in methods, including:

batch removing annotations
batch adding annotations
batch fixing Skysa's heavy attack "sliding bug"

after you're done with editing annotations, input "u" to update them all back into the .hkx files in "animations" folder.


what is JRE?
it's a dependency ppl use to play Minecraft, super child friendly and not a malware. 

why would I need this?
if you wonder you probably don't need it.

It doesn't work!


Paul N. Hilfinger for teaching me how to code and making me suffer