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All new Magelight's! Extended Duration. Bigger Radius. Varying Colors and Fire Versions Available!

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You wield flames at your fingertips, yet you can only cast a measly, dimly lit orb? Not anymore. A Better Magelight allows you to brighten up any scenario to your liking. From the regular Magelight with extended duration and unlimited placements, to a full on infernal lighting up the whole area! There are 7 new spells in total. Magelight Fire, Torch, Blue, Green, Red, Purple, and Pink. Magelight Fire and Torch mimic the lighting of fires in the game and use fire animations. The color versions use the normal floating orb. Due to the increased lighting of Magelight Fire, the magic cost has been increased.

I have tried to make it so the colors aren't overbearing and so that the Fire Magelight's light up the room without turning your whole screen orange. My goal was so you can run into a room, toss down a light, and have it do it's job for the duration of your stay. All pictures have been taken with Realistic Lighting Overhaul and SkyrimSE Re-Engaged ENB-ReShade.

Spells can be bought from Farengar Secret-Fire in Dragonsreach in Whiterun. There are also Spelltome's placed on the table.

Magelight + Magelight Colors:
Radius 450 -> 1500
Duration 60s -> 300s (450s with Perk)

Magelight Fire:
Radius 2200
Duration 300s (450s with Perk)

If you guys enjoy the mod please feel free to endorse! It means a lot! Thanks :)

If anyone knows how to allow a spell to damage the player, but not any NPC's let me know! Or if there is a way to implement a small warming effect! I'd like this to be useful (But not overpowered) for Frostfall users like myself. The warming effect would be preferred, but fire damage also warms you up.

Base Book ID's:
Magelight Fire: 0100539A
Magelight Torch: 0100287F
Magelight Blue: 01001833
Magelight Green: 01001834
Magelight Red: 01001832
Magelight Purple: 01001835
Magelight Pink: 0100183B

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