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A series of patches to make various mods compatible with Valdacil's Item Sorting (VIS).

Permissions and credits

Valdacil's Item Sorting mod adds custom tags to all inventory items which makes finding items easier and allows more efficient use of inventory. The base mod install file updates all Vanilla and DLC items, and includes a number of patches to make other mods compatible. Most included patches were made by Valdacil. There are also several user-made patches which update item names from other mods and allow them to work seamlessly with VIS. 

This page contains patches (updated for VIS 3.0.2) for various mods:

I already have a separate page for the various Ashara Armor mods.

My patches do not contain any of the meshes or textures necessary for the mods to function. They only contain an additional plug-in which allows the mod to function with VIS.

Some changes made by the patches:
  • Add the VIS specific sorting tags to the front of the full name
  • Adjust all hoods (if needed) to allow circlets to be worn with them
  • Adjusts the weights of certain items for consistency (all rings are 0.1, etc. - see the main VIS pages for details)

In order for a patch to work, you must already have the matching mod installed. Version numbers are listed with the mod name above.

It is recommended that you merge most of your VIS patches to reduce the number of plug-ins for your game. Patches which should not be merged are in the main VIS mod installer and are indicated during the installation. All of my patches are fine to be merged.

Future Plans:

I have already started patches for a number of other mods and will be adding them here when ready, unless there are multiple options or a set of related mods. 


My work only includes creating the patch file. All original mod work done by Valdacil and mod makers listed above belongs to them. I do not have the rights to grant any permission to others for use of their assets. If you wish to use something from their mods, you will need to contact them directly and gain their permission.


This patch would not be possible without the outstanding work of Valdacil, the original mod authors, and those who ported/updated the mods for SSE. If you enjoy their mods, please be sure to endorse them on the original mod pages.