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Make Stalhrim yourself. Exactly what it says on the tin. The simplest possible trial for a first mod.

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I don't know why, but I love the idea of Stalhrim. If you take the translation "Steelice" literally, you are looking at a material you can work at room temperature, casting into shape as you need. Unfortunately, the lore is not that simple I suspect. Certainly no one has made the stuff in a long time, and only a couple of merchants on Solstheim carry it. So how did the Ancient Nords make it?

Baldur Iron-Shaper tells us that its similar to working Ebony. What if that is no coincidence? Ebony in the Lore is the blood of Lorkhan, and Nords were created by the breath of Kyne. Kyne's breath interacting with her husband's blood? (Okay, Mara has nothing to do with it, but her name rolls off the tongue better.)

In either event if you go to the Smeltery, any one will do, you will find a new means of crafting the stuff. Two means actually, one for doing it from scratch, and the other for making more of the stuff if you have some already. You'll need Ebony Ingots and Frost Salts for both.

I've tried to balance the prices as best I can. If you would prefer not to have access to the recipe until you helped Baldur out and/or can work Ebony, there is an alternative file with both Prerequisites put back in.

As I say, this is my first mod, and I'm looking for feedback if possible, as I'm still learning the Creation Kit.

Thanks everyone.