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Adds map markers for exterior fishing sites.

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Tired of trying to remember where all the fishing spots are?  Me too. 

Fishing Map Markers adds map markers and fast travel points for all of the exterior fishing sites across Tamriel.

Optional - CoMap configuration file included.  You don't have to install CoMap to use this mod, but, it'll get you a nice jumping fish map marker instead of a camp marker for fishing spots.

Safe to install mid-playthrough: 
  • All versions:  Yes, though all mod functionality may not be present until you start a new game
  • All map markers and fast travel sites are discoverable by travelling to the location in the world
  • v1.04:  Reading fishing maps may not update the markers on your world map properly until you start a new game.

Safe to remove mid-playthrough: 
  • v1.03 and earlier: yes
  • v1.04 and later: no, v1.04 uses scripting to add map markers when you read fishing maps.  Removing scripted mods mid-playthrough is not recommended.

New in v1.04:

  • Reading a fishing map will now add markers to your map.  Requires a new game to ensure that all existing copies of the map are updated correctly.

New in v1.03:

  • Better fishing spot names - Most fishing spots are now named for the hold they're located in - e.g. Whiterun Fishing Spot
  • CoMap configuration - use Jelidity's awesome Fishing Spot map marker instead of the camp map marker.  You'll need to install CoMap for this to work.
  • Fishing spots are now tagged on the map with (A) - Arctic, (C) - Cave, (L) - Lake, or (S) - Stream to indicate the type of fishing waters at the location.