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This mod adds a new set of armour and an accessory craftable under the leather category at any forge.

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This is my conversion of the Nordic Ranger Outfit by FrankDema for Skyrim Special Edition. Please Note that this mod is in no shape or form my original work, I only ported it because I love this armor to death and the permission section stated that a conversion for SSE is allowed. If you want to share some love for this mod, please, I beg you, visit the original modpage right here:

Also, if you feel that something needs to be added to the description, feel free to tell me :)

Have a good one :)

This mod adds a new set of armour and an accessory craftable under the leather category at any forge, the set is composed by:

    Nordic Ranger Cuirass
    Nordic Ranger Hood (masked) (ONLY FOR MALES sorry guys, no resources :/)
    Nordic Ranger Hood (unmasked)
    Nordic Ranger Boots
    Nordic Ranger Gauntlets
    Nordic Ranger Backpack (a version of my travel backpack, reedited for the occasion)

all the pieces are upgradable and enchantable at any enchantment table / workbench
they are compatible with all the item mods like WiC or Bandolier

credits go to:
FrankDema for making this awesome piece of armor in the first place and giving permission to convert it to Skyrim Special Edition
-CDPROJEKT for the witcher 2 assets, meshes and textures used in this mod (knives, stripes, pauldron) and thanks to all the modders that ported them for skyrim: L0rd0fWar, th3wick3d, Witcher5688
-xxxNEOxxx for use his hood resource coming form his jacko's knigthly armory mod! (such a great mod! be sure to check it) and thanks to him for letting me use it!
-NoseGoblin for his chainmailed torso texture that i changed for matching the armor color scheme :D
thanks to him so much for giving us this beautiful textures for free use.
-Bethesda softworks for every single skyrim mesh, texture and assets used in this mod and for giving us such a great roleplaying experience.

FrankDemas special thanks go to:
-Omesean for helping me with the skirt blender problem :D (ps: sean i reinstalled blender and now everything is fine) and for his great company on the forum :).
-Cabal120 for giving me everything i know about textures (very basic knowledge, almost zero but before i met him i knew -30 points or so)....grazie paisà e continua a regalarci quello spettacolo di texture.
-L0rdofwar for his great kindness and for had given me the _0 meshes so i can finally add the weight slider to my armor :) he made a great job and in a very short time so i will never thank him enough for all this! thank you lord! you are the best! and i wish i could give you multiple kudos because the first one was given so much time ago :)
-all the image contributors and beta testers that helped me testing and promoting the armor : Kaldaar (such a great guy and with a great talent, merci!), Schmoops9 (such a nice girl, her screenshots are just amazing quite as much as her personality Thank you!), LSiwora (always ready to help, a very nice girl! thank you very much LS!), SpinelessJelly (il mio paesano! grazie mille spine! mi hai aiutato tantissimo e mi hai dato tantissimi consigli, ti ringrazio un sacco :) ), 83willow (for a little problem you don't see her screenshots on the mod yet, but she is such a good and nice girl that i can not mention her here! thank you willow! hope to work again with you soon), Jopineapples68 (jo, nord pride! great guy and enb master, having his screenshots on this mod page and knowing that he likes my armors is a great honor and pleasure, thanks to him!) if i forgot someone just tell me you are so much :).
-all the good nexus users that will not ask me for changing the armor look or bother me with unp or cbbe compatibility once the female version is out!
-my anatomy prof for making me pass the exam and giving me time to make this.

if you want to use the armor contact FrankDema and he will give you permission