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Adds tags for Valdacil's Item Sorting Mod to Inigo items.

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About this mod
This mods adds compatibility for Valdacil's Item Sorting by valdacil to Inigo follower mod by Smartbluecat by adding tags to inventory items.

Supported mod versions:

Valdacil's Item Sorting v. 3.1.0
Inigo v. 2.4c

Tags added
Ingestibles: Food items like Dragon Pie and Fishlung Soup were tagged with (Food)
Armor: tagged wearable Mr Dragonfly with [Accessories:57], Muffle Tongue Necklare with [Necklare] and Langley's Robes with {Clothes:Robes}
Books: books tagged with |Books|, notes with |Note|, Summon Inigo spell tome - with |Spell Tome| [C1], recipes - with |Recipe| Food
Keys: two keys tagged with |Key|
Ingredient: Snow Thrush Egg tagged with [Ingredient] Egg
Misc. Items: Mr Dragonfly tagged with [Unique], other misc items tagged with [Misc]
Spells: tagged Summon Inigo with [C1] and Whistle to Inigo with [P]
Weapons: Inigo's bows and sword tagged with [Bow] and [1H Sword] respectively

Make sure you have Valdacil's Item Sorting and Inigo installed.
NMM users: download the file with "Download with Manager" button. Install normally.
Manual installation: extract the archive and drop the .esp file in contains into your Skyrim Special Edition /data folder

Load Order
VisPatch-Inigo.esp should be loaded after Inigo.esp