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Adds a book to your inventory with detailed instructions on how to find all the Creation Club / Anniversary Edition content, because it's easier than exiting the game and scrolling through the Creation Club menu for a short description.

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With the Skyrim Anniversary update, Creation Club quests no longer auto-start when installed. While I personally see this as an improvement, I have seen comments from others who don't. The Creation Club menu gives a brief description on how to find things, but it's awkward to use and doesn't always have enough detail, and so I wrote this guide.

This mod adds a guidebook to your inventory when installed, with detailed instructions on how to find all Creation Club content in Skyrim Anniversary Edition. The book is marked as a quest item so you can't accidentally drop it. Does not require any Creation Club content, but obviously you won't find the content described if you don't have it.

And if you don't want an in-game guide, here are the complete contents:

Adventurers Backpack
Backpacks can be crafted at any forge or bought from general traders.

Alternative Armors (x15)
Various alternative armors can be bought from blacksmiths or found as random loot. Each of the 15 alternative armors has an associated quest which awards a full set and unlocks them for crafting. The individual quests are listed at the end of this guide.

Arcane Accessories
New spells and robes can be bought from mages or found as random loot. More advanced spells are only sold at the College of Winterhold and Tel Mithryn, and only once you meet certain skill requirements. Alternatively, go to Hob's Fall Cave, which is on the northern coastline between Winterhold and Dawnstar. About halfway through, there is an ancient tome chest containing all 16 new spell tomes.

Arcane Archer Pack
Elemental arrows can be crafted at a forge, bought from merchants, or found as random loot. To learn how to craft and use Telekinesis Arrows, pick up the research notes and spell tome in the Arcanaeum at the College of Winterhold. To learn how to craft Soul Stealer Arrows, go to Kagrumez on Solstheim, then complete the trials and pick up the Dwemer Arrow Diagram amongst the loot.

Arms of Chaos
Go to Skytemple Ruins, on an island north of Winterhold. Hyenril's journal is on a stone table, and starts the quest The Arms of Chaos.

Go to the Dead Man's Drink in Falkreath. In one of the rooms, there is a journal labelled Mysterious Altar, which starts the quest A Dying Wish. Note that you can choose one of three things at the altar, and each option has different quests and rewards, so choose wisely.

Bloodchill Manor
Upon reaching level 12, a courier will deliver a dinner invitation, which starts the quest Guests for Dinner.

Bone Wolf
If you have not already done so, go to the Blue Palace in Solitude and speak to Falk Firebeard about Wolfskull Cave, starting The Man Who Cried Wolf. Some time after completing this quest, a courier will deliver a letter from Falk Firebeard, starting The Wolf Queen Awakened. After completing these two vanilla side quests, a courier will deliver a letter from Bolgeir Bearclaw, starting the quest Let Sleeping Wolves Lie.

Bow of Shadows
Go to Dragonsreach in Whiterun, and ask the Jarl's steward if he needs anything. This starts the quest In the Shadows.

Camping supplies are crafted at a forge and can be used to build a campsite in the wilderness.

The Cause
Upon reaching level 46, a courier will deliver a Stranger's Plea, which begins The Cause questline.

Go to Forelhost, a nordic ruin on the mountain southeast of Riften. It is easiest to approach from the southeast. Chrysamere is wielded by the ghost of a lost paladin, beside the word wall at the end of the dungeon.

Civil War Champions
Enter the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun. Depending on your involvement (or not) in the civil war, you will either find a note on the counter OR a courier will deliver a letter when you leave. Either way, this will start the quest Battle of the Champions.

The Contest
Enter Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm, and go upstairs. Adonato Leotelli's journal is on one of the tables, and starts the quest Caught in a Web.

Dawnfang & Duskfang
Exploring the Ratway in Riften will start the quest A Soul Divided. Once inside the Guardian Vault, check the side rooms in the green area. Verrick's Note is on a table, and will give you a miscellaneous quest to investigate Faldar's Tooth and retrieve Bloodthirst.

Dead Man's Dread
Go to the Winking Skeever in Solitude. On one of the tables is a book called The Restless, which starts a quest of the same name. After completing this quest, a courier will deliver a Pirate's Note suggesting you claim the Dead Man's Dread as your home.

Divine Crusader
Go to Four Skull Lookout, atop the cliffs on the east side of the river Karth, south of Karthwasten. It is easiest to approach from the south. There you can take the Relics of the Crusader from two bodies, but are you worthy to wield them?

Dwarven Armored Mudcrab
Buy the ownership deed from Calcelmo at Understone Keep in Markarth.

Elite Crossbows
Go to Ironback Hideout, which is a small shack beside the road, north of the Statue to Meridia, and west of the Thalmor Embassy (near Solitude). There you will find Kragrash's Letter on a table, starting the quest Night Hunter.

Expanded Crossbow Pack
The best place to buy crossbows is the Fletcher in Solitude. You could also try The Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun.

In Whiterun or Rorikstead, ask an innkeeper for work or rumours until you get a bounty for restless spirits, starting the quest The Unquiet Dead. You can also go straight to Goldenhills Plantation east of Rorikstead.

Fearsome Fists
Brawler's gauntlets can be found as random loot, bought from blacksmiths, or crafted with the relevant perks. 

There are fishing spots dotted around Skyrim. Fishing rods and maps can be bought from general traders. Go to Riften Docks to start the questline. Note that fish can be found swimming in bodies of water throughout Skyrim, and it may be quicker to pick them up by hand rather than fishing.

Forgotten Seasons
Runoff Caverns should be marked on your map. It is near the source of the Karth river, southwest of Fort Sungard, about halfway between Markarth and Falkreath. You will have to go through Lost Valley Redoubt to reach it. Before entering the caverns, make sure to inspect the broken dwarven horse outside.

Gallows Hall
Gallows Hall is at Mara's Eye Pond, which is visible on the map southwest of Windhelm. It is easiest to approach from the north, through a mountain pass near Anga's Mill.

Ghosts of the Tribunal
Go to Raven Rock on Solstheim, and enter the Temple through the main door. Go downstairs and read the Heretic Dossier in the room on the right, starting the Ghosts of the Tribunal questline.

In Riften, enter The Bee and Barb and go upstairs. In one of the rooms is a Letter to Clexius, which starts the quest Blue in the Face.

Go to the Sacellum of Boethiah in the mountains east of Windhelm. Finding Eranya's body will start the quest A Matter of Pride.

The Gray Cowl Returns!
Go to the graveyard in Riften. A thief will be standing over a grave, and will attack on sight, starting the quest The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal.

Headman's Cleaver
Ask any innkeeper for work or rumours until you get a letter from Shogarz gra-Batul, starting the quest Blood in the Water.

Upon reaching level 10, a courier will deliver a warrior's challenge, starting the quest.

Horse Armors (x2)
Speak to any blacksmith or stable owner to buy horse armor.

Lord's Mail
Go to Castle Dour in Solitude, and read the letter to General Tullius in his office on the right of the map room. This starts the quest Gift of Kynareth.

Myrwatch should be marked on your map by the edge of the swamp, east of Morthal. Start the quest by taking Han's Journal from his body by a nearby tree stump.

Nchuanthumz: Dwarven Home
Go to The Frozen Hearth in Winterhold. In one of the rooms, you will find Seeks-Ancient-Artifacts Journal v1, which starts the quest The Sanctuary and the Manufactory. Frostroot Cave is beside Kagrenzel in the eastern mountains, northeast of Shor's Stone. The path starts from the nordic ruin of Ansilvund.

Necromantic Grimoire
New robes and conjuration spell tomes can be found in necromancer lairs. Phinis Gestor is able to sell the 13 new spells at the College of Winterhold, but will only have a small selection available at any given time. As always, Adept and Expert spells are only sold once you meet certain skill requirements, and Master spells require completion of the ritual spell quest which becomes available at 90 skill.

Netch Leather Armor
Head north from the Skaal Village on Solstheim. Haknir's Shoal is a campsite on a small island, but there is a single tent on the shore before you reach it. Taking the peddler's journal from the body of the Dark Elf starts the quest More Than You Can Chew. Note that the objective to visit Fort Hraggstad near Solitude is optional, but there are some unique boots there.

Buy the Nix-Hound from Revus Sarvani near Tel Mithryn on Solstheim. If he is dead, go to Geldis Sadri at The Retching Netch in Raven Rock.

Nordic Jewelry
Buying any piece of Nordic Jewelry from a general trader will start a quest which allows you to craft it.

Pets of Skyrim
Go to The Bannered Mare in Whiterun and read the sale note on the counter, which starts the quest Pets of Skyrim. Halvar in Rorikstead will offer to sell you Hilda the goat. Halvar's Journal can be found on his bedroll in the wheat field, and will give you the locations of all the other pets.

Plague of the Dead
Upon reaching level 5, a courier will deliver an anonymous letter which starts The Rising Dead. You will find conjure zombie spell tomes during the quest. Higher level variants will then be sold at the College of Winterhold once you have the required conjuration skill level.

Rare Curios
Khajiit caravans sell a variety of new alchemy ingredients. Poisoned apples and new bolt types can be crafted. Welkynd and Varla stones are commonly found in boss chests.

Redguard Elite Armaments
Speak to Azadi in Shor's Stone to start the quest Interception. Make sure to loot Boneshaver from a body near a caravan later on.

Ruin's Edge
Go to Stony Creek Cave, by a pond on the edge of the eastern mountains, east of the volcanic tundra. Ruin's Edge is wielded by a bandit chief.

Saints & Seducers
Start the questline by speaking to Ri'saad, leader of the Khajiit caravans, who travels between Whiterun and Markarth. Note that you will pick up several other miscellaneous quests along the way. After restoring order, a courier will deliver a request to meet.

Saturalia Holiday Pack
Buy Saturalia clothing and the Reindeer Bill of Sale from Agrane Peryval, west of Dawnstar.

Shadowfoot Sanctum
Go to the Ragged Flagon in the Riften Ratway. Shadowfoot Sanctum can be bought from Vekel the Man.

Go to the Atronach Stone, near Mistwatch fort, at the southern end of the volcanic tundra in eastern Skyrim. Shadowrend is floating by a nearby pool, alternating between sword and axe forms.

Spell Knight Armor
Go to the Silver-Blood Inn in Markarth and, in a side room, read Crypt of the Heart to start a quest of the same name.

Staff of Hasedoki
Go to the camp at the bottom of the cliffs on the west side of Whiterun. Read the smuggler's trade notes to start the quest.

Staff of Sheogorath
Go to the Retching Netch in Raven Rock on Solstheim. There is a mysterious note pinned to a barre by a fork. Reading it starts the quest Put a Fork in It.

Master Neloth sells various new enchanted and unenchanted staves at Tel Mithryn on Solstheim.

Stendarr's Hammer
Stendarr's Hammer can be taken from the Dwemer Museum at Understone Keep in Markarth.

Sunder & Wraithguard
Go to the New Gnisis Cornerclub in Windhelm and read the Lost Caravan Guard's Note to start the quest Legends Lost.

Survival Mode
Survival Mode becomes available after escaping Helgen, and can be toggled in gameplay settings.

Tundra Homestead
Go to Dragonsreach in Whiterun and purchase the homestead from the Jarl's steward. The homestead itself should be marked on your map, just east of Whiterun.

Go to Champion's Rest, in the mountains east of Shor's Stone. Defeat Umbra to claim his sword.

Vigil Enforcer Armor Set
Go to the Hall of the Vigilant, south of Dawnstar, and read the letter to Keeper Carcette to start the quest Unholy Vigil. If the hall has been destroyed, the letter will be under a table.

Wild Horses
Speak to any stable owner to buy a map of wild horses, to change your horse's saddle, or to change the name of any horses you have tamed. To find the unicorn, go to the Arcanaeum at the College of Winterhold and read Soran's journal to start Creature of Legend.

Quests for Alternative Armors:
  • Daedric Mail: Ask any innkeeper for work or rumours until you get a note about a missing merchant, starting the quest Missing Merchant.
  • Daedric Plate: Enter the Dragonsreach Dungeon in Whiterun. On a table, there is a journal called Death of a Crimson Dirk, which starts the quest Beyond the Grave.
  • Dragonplate: Ask any innkeeper for work or rumours until you get a Bounty for Crowstooth, which starts the quest Bones for a Crow.
  • Dragonscale: Enter Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm. Stay downstairs and look for a book called The Crimson Dirks v4, which starts the quest Tilted Scales.
  • Dwarven Mail: From Ivarstead, go south across the bridge. Turn left off the road, towards some rocks amongst the trees. There is a small camp just beyond. Loot the dead Arena Fan for his note, starting the quest Fan Favorite. If you find a dead Woodcutter instead, move the body and you'll discover the Arena Fan underneath.
  • Dwarven Plate: Go to the Silver-Blood Inn in Markarth. There is a Looter's Note on the counter, which starts the quest Mightier Than the Sword.
  • Ebony Plate: Upon reaching level 32, a courier will deliver a letter from Tyra-Blood Fire, starting the quest Heart of Crimson.
  • Elven Hunter: Enter the Falkreath Barracks. There is a guard dossier on a table, which starts the quest Once a Hunter.
  • Iron: Go to Nightgate Inn on the road west of Windhelm, near the source of the river. There is a Patron's Note on the counter, which starts the quest Brothers in Irons. If you have the Cutting Room Floor mod installed, Nightgate Inn is in Heljarchen village.
  • Leather: From Dragon Bridge, head south across the dragon bridge and continue straight until you reach another bridge. Then leave the road, heading southwest across the rocks. Climb the hill, following the shack icon on your compass. Once you reach Cliffside Retreat, you should find Zaharia's Note on top of a barrel, starting the quest Double-Edged.
  • Orcish Plate: In Whiterun, there is a small guard barracks by the main gate. Read the guard dossier inside to start the quest Smith 'N Slash.
  • Orcish Scaled: In Riften, enter the barracks beside Mistveil Keep. Go upstairs and look for a guard dossier on top of a wooden dresser, starting the quest Gambler's Edge.
  • Silver: Go to the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. M'Sharra's Diary is on a table in the kitchen area, and starts the quest When the Cat's Away.
  • Stalhrim Fur: Go to Thirsk Mead Hall, beside a lake in northeast Solstheim. Look for a small camp on the northern side of the lake. Skjol's Journal is on top of a barrel, and starts Ancient Ice.
  • Steel Soldier: Go to the Four Shields Tavern in Dragon Bridge. On the counter, there is a note about a suspected suicide, which starts the quest Over the Edge.