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Finally, at long last, a truly proper One Ring. Complete with appropriate magical and visual effects when worn.

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This is the official SSE port of the mod "The (Real) One Ring" by JamesHalliday.

As my very first upload to Nexus, ever, I am very excited, happy, and proud to present, finally, at long last, a truly proper One Ring mod, complete with LOTR appropriate magical and visual effects when worn.  Just drop into the Data folder, or install with a manager.  No requirements.  Compatible with everything.

It is not my intention to rip on any other creators, but it seems to me that there has never been any real time and love put into a quality One Ring.  So, finally, after all these years, here it is--forged in the fires of Blender and GIMP, filled with my cruelty, my malice, and my will to dominate all life, I present to you THE One Ring, as it was truly meant to be.

Featuring original lovingly crafted meshes and textures, this ring is not a replacer--it is a standalone new item craftable at any forge.  To preserve a sense of mystique about the ring, the recipe will not be visible in your crafting menu unless you are holding all of the required ingredients.  I tried to make the ingredients make sense.  If you do not want to try to figure it out yourself, here is the recipe:


The ring is of little value to merchants, and is deceptively heavy.

Keep it secret.  Keep it safe.  Never put it on.  But if you absolutely must put it on, it will make you silent, invisible, give you blurred, wonky vision, and a slow time effect.

Lastly, the longer you keep the ring in your inventory, the harder it will be to remove.  No, not really.  Just kidding.  ;)  That'd be cool, though, right?

I hope you enjoy my first mod.


Because I'm a bit of a noob, I only just figured out how environment mapping (a.k.a. cubemapping) works, as well as glow mapping, so now the ring looks the way it really should have from the beginning.  A polished, mirrored finish and glowing script.  Sorry I didn't know this stuff sooner.  If you downloaded this mod previously, you're really gonna want this update.  Kind of a big deal.  It's night and day.  (See the comparison pictures.)

To update, just download the newest version and overwrite all assets.  Only meshes and textures have changed.  The plugin is unchanged.  You can overwrite it or not.  Doesn't matter.  Won't affect your save.  If you're using the unenchanted plugin, just leave it as is.  Cheerio.