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Hey everyone, these are just some of the patches I'm creating to resolve issues in my load order and build my Creation Kit knowledge. Hopefully, you will find a few of them useful. This list will continue to grow over time.

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Current Patches

Alternate Perspective - JK's The Bannered Mare Patch

Description: Makes it so you don't first spawn in the fire when picking The Bannered Mare start option with both of the mentioned mods. Useful if you're not roleplaying as a Targaryen. (Thanks to Scrabx3 for allowing me to upload this patch) 

Upcoming: Patches

Alternate Perspective -- New Beginnings Extension - JK's Temple of Talos (Just waiting for permissions as it alters a New Beginnings Extensions xMarker) (Makes it so you don't spawn in the Talos statue when using both of the mentioned mods)

Alternate Perspective -- New Beginnings Extension - WACCF (Currently awaiting permissions) (Makes it so you don't spawn without clothes when picking certain alternate starts)


Q: Are these patches absolutely necessary?

A: No, these issues are nothing game breaking. However, they are likely to be break your immersion, and hopefully these patches if you choose to use them will improve your overall user experience.


Q: Are these light plugins (Will they take a plugin spot)?

A: These patches will be esp light flagged or not require a plugin unless specified otherwise.


Q: Will these patches break my game?!

A: I certainly hope not! I've done my best to test these patches before I upload them, but I'm only human. If you find a bug related to my patches, please let me know so I can do my best to fix it!


My other mods:
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