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Are you a LOTD player that has an unhealthy attachment to the museum safehouse or that feels like you constantly traveling to Solitude to drop off relics? If so I've got the mod for you (To clarify, I am not associated with the LOTD project. Just a fan making mods). ESL flagged!

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Introduction (The problem):
Hi I’m istayzoomin, and I’m a Legacy of the Dragonborn addict. For me peak Skyrim gameplay maximizes:

  • World exploration 
  • Intense combat 
  • Collecting interesting treasures
  • Experiencing quality storylines
  • Experimenting with unique builds

And likewise minimizes:

  • Time “playing” the game where I don’t accomplish any of the above goals (such as excessive inventory management or feeling anchored to a fixed location)

LOTD is a wonderful mod for me as it encourages me to explore every nook and cranny of the world and lowers my “wasted” time by offering amazing item storage and display systems.

However there are two facets of the mod that don’t align with my play style.

  1. The item storage and display systems are TOO good. For reference beyond the aesthetic artifact displays there are separate containers for each weapon, armor, and crafting material type. All of these containers are hooked up to an automatic sorting and storage system and can be used at any relevant crafting station. Because of this I’ve found myself too spoiled to use any other player homes, regardless of how much diversity or thematic flair they offer. 
  2. Because there is so much to collect, a trip to Solitude is necessary after almost every dungeon in the early game and frequently throughout the entire play through. 

The Solution:
A Dwemer control cube called the “Storage Control Cube” that is added to your inventory on game start. The cube allows for access to all of the important Dragonborn Museum and Safehouse activators/containers regardless of where you are, or if you have completed the initial museum quest.

Cube Functions:

  • Use display prep station (sorts items that can be displayed to their displays) / Display Drop-Off (manually select items to be displayed)
  • Store Materials (stores materials, potions, soul gems, etc. according to your settings)
  • Sorting Chest (sorts any items placed into it to their respective storage containers, including anything not covered by the store materials option)
  • Access to any of the Safehouse storage containers 
  • Access to the sell cart
  • Modification of craft loot/auto material storage settings
  • Enable/Disable Shadows of One's Past quest start (see details below)

Now you can live wherever you want and more passively work on the museum's collection, without worrying about inventory management or making constant trips to Solitude. I hope you enjoy!

  • Relic display features are disabled while carrying one of the three initial quest relics while the initial quest is active. LOTD's script doesn't expect you to have access to the display station before giving these items to Auryen and will sort them assuming that the quest is completed. Options are restored after completion of the quest (not an issue in the LAL start for LOTD). 
  • Mod is ESL flagged. No need to worry for those with limited plugin slots.

Shadows of One's Past Enable/Disable:
First of all, I like Shadows of One's Past. It's an interesting quest that gives some character to the museum guards. That being said I've always found it inconvenient when LOTD quests lock you out of the museum with little to no notice.  The other quest that does this (Night at the Museum) can be skipped by choosing the "I don't deal with ghosts" dialogue and then waiting a few days. Shadows of One's Past however is not optional.  As a solution to this I've added a condition to the quest start that can be toggled using the cube (the quest is set to happen normally be default). This way you will still need to complete the quest to advance the LOTD quest line, but still have some control over when the museum becomes inaccessible.

As a note the conditions for the quest to begin are:
  • Have >= 400 displays filled in the museum
  • Enter the Dragonborn Gallery
  • Have completed the "Night at the Museum" quest
  • Not be at a few specific stages of the "A Room with a View" quest
  • (With this mod) Have the quest start enabled via the cube (Enabled by default)

So if you want to delay the quest make sure that you have the setting toggled to disabled before meeting these conditions, and then when you are ready to do the quest simply enable its start in the cube and enter the museum (you may have to fast travel outside of Solitude and back a few times to get everything to update correctly). See spoiler for example of how it works.


I updated from 1.0 to 1.1 on my main save file and everything still seems to be functioning properly. Looks like updating mid playthrough shouldn't be an issue.