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Adds Megalodon into Skyrim and Solstheim.

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Megalodon are large predatory sharks that roam all throughout Nirn's oceans. Some can be spotted in the Sea of Ghosts near the mainland of Skyrim, even rarer there's been a report of one swimming around the eastern side of Solstheim. It is speculated that the ones spotted near Skyrim and Solstheim are only juveniles and the bigger ones are found in deeper water.

They often hunt whales, pinnipeds, large fish, and other sharks including their own kind. Sailors often have to change course or take longer routes when they see them just so they don't risk having their ship get sunken by the jaws of a Megalodon.

- Megalodon mini-bosses that move around
- new loot.
- Making Skyrim's oceans just a bit more dangerous than before.

note: for them to have worked they use patrol idle markers to move around while still being placed in large navmesh areas. Even then this was pretty limited to where I can place them as the navmesh in oceans.....makes all this challenging to implement...

SDPM for the original mesh and textures of Megalodon in sketchfab listed as cc attribution model was changed slightly so it rigs properly and a normal map is applied.

Digital Atlas of Ancient Life for the Megalodon tooth mesh and textures, listed as public domain