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A 3BA/BHUNP vanilla outfit replacer that adds slightly more revealing clothing.

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All vanilla outfit replacers I could find were way too skimpy for my liking. Therefore I made some more tastefully revealing vanilla outfits that aren't outlandishly skimpy. Guaranteed to increase immersion levels by at least 5% (Take note that some of the fur armors are still quite skimpy because the vanilla ones are already very revealing)

The outfits are currently only available for 3BA as that is the body type I'm using. Semi-complete BHUNP version is now available as well, though it has not been updated with some of the more recent outfits. I may make regular CBBE files if I have the time. I may also decide to include the built meshes once I'm happy with all the outfits. As of now this mod is in ALPHA as it has some major bugs and a lot of clipping issues.
Bodyslide is required to build the files. The outfits are not perfect as I'm not very good with outfit studio, feel free to fix them if you are able to :)

- Barkeeper
- Farm Clothes 1
- Farm Clothes 4
- Noble Clothes 1
- Savior's Hide
- Hide Armor
- Fur Armor 1
- Fur Armor 2
- Fur Armor 3
- Fur Armor 4
- Chef Clothes
- Tavern Clothes
- Studded Armor

These are all I've made so far, but more will come in the future!

HUGE thanks to themilkdrinker for letting me use the vanilla outfits from TBD as references to make this mod.
HUGE thanks b3ast1e for creating BHUNP conversion.
Touched By Dibella:
Bodyslide and Outfit Studio: