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Distributes Beyond Skyrim gear to bandits throughout Skyrim using SPID.

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What is this?
A very simple SPID distribution .ini that provides some basic Beyond Skyrim armors and weapons to bandits throughout Skyrim, at a very low rate. The .ini provides a 1% chance for any generic (i.e., non-unique) level 1 to 25 Bandit in Skyrim to carry or use armors and/or weapons from Beyond Skyrim - Bruma.

Obviously, the spawn rate is VERY low, my reasoning being that I wanted these items to be relatively rare and uncommon, to simulate the idea of a bandit crossing from Cyrodiil into Skyrim occasionally, rather than Cyrodiilic gear being completely commonplace. I also didn't want normal Skyrim bandit gear to completely disappear in favor of the BS gear. Long story short, you WILL see the BS gear show up on Bandits in Skyrim, but it should be relatively rare.

Configuration (Optional):
If you prefer to see the gear from BS more frequently, you can edit the included .ini file at any time (even in the middle of an existing save) to tune things to your liking. Simply open up BS_Gear_For_Bandits_DISTR.ini in a text editor, and you will see multiple lines of code that look like this:

Outfit = 0x2DA66~BSHeartland.esm|ActorTypeNPC|0001BCC0|1/25|-U|1|1

To increase the spawn rate, you need only change the LAST number on that line (the last "1"). For example, if you wanted the spawn rate to be 50% instead of 1%, you would change that line to look like this:

Outfit = 0x2DA66~BSHeartland.esm|ActorTypeNPC|0001BCC0|1/25|-U|1|50

Any value between 1 and 100 is acceptable. (1 is 1% spawn rate, 100 is a 100% spawn rate. Note that setting things to 100% will NOT guarantee that a bandit will actually EQUIP the gear, only whether or not it appears in their inventory. They choose to equip the "best" gear that they have on them.)

Repeat this for any/every outfit or item (the item lines begin with "Item" but otherwise follow the same syntax) you wish to increase spawn rates for, and save the file. That's it. If you want to change or revert the spawn rate, you can do so at any time by repeating these steps.

Obviously, this requires powerofthree's amazing Spell Perk Item Distributor, without which it is pointless.

The only other hard requirement is Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE, which contains all the relevant assets. If you don't have BS - Bruma installed, this file is useless to you and will quite literally do nothing (good or bad).

There should be no conflicts with other mods whatsoever. SPID doesn't directly edit leveled lists, no NPC records are modified at all, no new records are being created, etc. You could very likely remove this .ini file in the middle of the save and suffer no detrimental effects. SPID is magical, is what I'm saying. This should be compatible with absolutely everything that BS - Bruma is compatible with.

Install with your mod manager of choice, or install manually if, for some reason, you prefer to do that. SPID will handle the rest at runtime. To uninstall, simply remove the mod with your manager, or delete the .ini if you installed manually. You should be able to do this at any time, even in the midst of an existing save.

Special Thanks:
powerofthree for SPID, without which this mod would never have been possible.
The entire Beyond Skyrim team for Beyond Skyrim - Bruma, which is mind-blowing.
Bethesda for constantly making me question whether or not I had a life before Skyrim.