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A basic FOMOD installer for picking and choosing the Creation Club content you wish to keep installed with the Anniversary Edition of the game. This DOES NOT include any CC content and comes with instructions to follow prior to installation to allow the FOMOD to install the requested files.

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What is AECP?

Welcome to the Anniversary Edition Content Picker, a comprehensive FOMOD Installer built to help keep your Data folder organised whilst allowing you to pick and choose the content you want to install from the Skyrim Anniversary Upgrade.

If you purchased the Anniversary upgrade for Skyrim or purchased the game for the first time, you may have noticed that upon loading the game, the Creation Club proceeds to download all 74 pieces of CC content and places them into your Skyrim Data folder in the form of ESL and BSA files.

As frustrating as that may be to deal with, it was likely the best choice for compatibility with potential mods making changes to CC content and it also allows this FOMOD Installer to exist. AECP allows the player to choose which pieces of content you wish to install whilst also allowing your mod manager to manage the files.


For the love of Talos, read this and pay attention otherwise this FOMOD isn't going to work for you. Read the mod page carefully and watch either my or Gamer Poets' video on installation.

There is no CC content included in this download and it contains only a FOMOD setup along with some images to support the installer. If you're expecting a free download of CC content, you're certainly not going to find it here. This is a tool that will require a little bit of manual work on your part before proceeding to use the FOMOD.

Additionally, I hold no responsibility for you breaking any game saves you may have using CC content should you wish to uninstall something that either a save game or separate piece of content requires. It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure they do their research and know the consequences of adding or removing content from their game.

This installer is mainly intended to be used alongside AE but in theory, a large selection of the CC content is just downloaded from Bethesda's servers when you purchase the upgrade, so it should work with pre-AE if you own all the content. Any missing content will simply throw an error within your mod manager.


Written Instructions

  • Download the FOMOD Installer manually
  • Extract the archive
  • Make a backup somewhere of all your CC content including the ESL and BSA files in the Data folder
  • Copy all of the above-mentioned CC content files and paste them into the CC Content folder
  • Rezip the downloaded installer folder and files with the CC content inside
  • Now using your mod manager of choice (that must support FOMOD installers) install the newly zipped mod

Video Guides


A huge thanks go to skinripper and simsim899 for helping test the FOMOD installer before it went live.

A big shoutout to Michael of GamerPoets for the short version of how to install the mod with the waffle.

Also a big thanks to the UESP Wiki where I was able to gather the required information to include in the FOMOD.