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Custom-made cubemaps I use in my personal game, uploaded by request. Includes basic tutorial on how to achieve realistic metallic materials. Vanilla-styled so they can be used as a straight replacer, but are more of a resource than anything else.

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Since I made Metallurgy - Ingots Ore and Veins HD several people have asked me for my personal cubemaps, so here they are, along with a simple tutorial on how to make more realistic looking metals.  They are made close to the vanilla style, so they can be used on their own as replacers, but are intended as more of a resource than anything else.

This covers most cubemaps used by ore, ingots, armors, weapons.  It does not replace cubemaps for eyes, or other misc one-off objects.

This also includes two meshes: Sphere.nif and Cube.nif, which will allow you to easily view cubemaps in NifSkope.

PLEASE NOTE: These will not make everything in your game look like realistic metal. You must use mods that alter the textures/mesh properties to best utilize cubemaps. However, these are designed in the vanilla style, so can be used as replacers.  I will not be making patches for specific armor/texture mods, but I suggest having a look at the tutorial images here, and mods like aMidianBorn and SkyRealism Shiny as a starting point.

These cubemaps were built on the work of Emil Persson as a base (Humus.)  I used the Fjaderholmarna map as a base, Photoshopped flora, buildings, sky, mountains from in-game images of Whiterun, then colored them so they more closely matched the base game.

Permissions are granted under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 -- "Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially."

There are also two "dull" variations of brass/steel that I use in my game for different things.


These maps are also available as HDRI maps in Darkluke1111's awesome Custom Skyrim Shader for Substance Painter