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A simple mod that allows player to craft Wearable Lights in different colors

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Mod Overview

Wearable Lights: Radiance Stones is version 2.0 of Wearable Lights. It allows you to craft light emitting artifacts and diadems in 6 different colors. The mod comes with a small quest, completing the quest will reward you the knowledge on how to craft Radiance stones and use them in making Radiance Diadems.

What does this mod do?

It adds two different magically enchanted objects with 6 different color options.
  1. Radiance Stones - A magical artifact that emits light when equipped. The stone can be used in Jewelry, such as -
  2. Diadem of the Radiance - The light armor circlet, that illuminates the area surrounding the wearer.

Both can be crafted under Jewellery at any forge.

Required Ingredients -
Radiance Stones - 1 Glass, 1 Gem Stone*, 1 gold ore, 1 Petty Soul gem
Diadem of Radiance - 1 Radiance Stone*, 1 Gold Ore

* Color of the light a Radiance stone emits, depends on the color of the gem stone used in crafting it. For Example - Emerald  Radiance Stone will emit green light, while Sapphire Radiance Stone will emit Blue light. The color of the light a Diadem emits, depends on whichever Radiance stone is used in crafting it.

The inspiration for this mods came from Chesko's Wearable Lanterns(obviously) and Miner's hat light (Obviously).
It is a work in progress, If you find any bug please report it and I'll fix it asap. If you have any request, don't hesitate to drop a word. Please endorse it, if you like the mod, I'd really appreciate it.

Quest Overview

A student from College of Winterhold is missing, he was researching on Aetherius, the divine plane which is the source of Light and Magic in Nirn. Your task is to find him and the research he was after.

How to start the quest -

Upgrading from Version 1.2a

If you are upgrading from earlier versions and you have created Diadem of the light, Illuminator and Lightbringer previously, you'll still be able to use them in Version 2.0, however you will no longer be able to create them. You'll have to complete the quest in order to create the new Radiance Stones and Diadem of Radiance.

Change Log

Its a major overhaul of Wearable Lights, it adds a quest - Radiance of Aetherius, completeing the quest will reward you knowledge to craft Radiance Stones.
It adds 6 different color options for lights on both Stones and Diadem. The colors are - Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Purple and White.
Fixed a few bugs in the scripts

Moved all three Items under the correct category - Jewellery
Corrected the position of the light
Fixed few bugs, including the one that turned circlets invisible if wore along with :The Lightbringer"

Fixed a bug that prevents user from applying enchantment on other items
Added a new Item "The Lightbringer"
Tweaked a few settings

Should be compatible with everything. I just cant see it conflicting with any mod, at least to my knowledge.

Install Guide
Install with NMM or manually download the archive, unzip it and drop the content in your data folder, you know standard stuff.

Uninstall Guide
Just remove the WearableLights.esp, WearableLights.bsa, and WearableLights - Textures.bsa from your data folder, or just let NMM do it for you, whatever you wish.

Special Thanks
To SydneyB for allowing the use of her Ashara Paragon Jewelry  in the mod.

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