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Classic Fantasy Race Sizes

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Size really does matter. Not all races are created equal and not all women are the exact same height as their men. This mod aims to correct a problem my fantasy nerd wife pointed out to me. All these women are huge. According to her in most fantasy books/movies females are generally smaller than their male counterparts, warrior or not. After taking a good look at the various races I decided to bring things more in line to that classic scale. This is purely personal taste and not meant to offend anyone, though I believe its all the more satisfying when a small female warrior brings down the titan in battle.

1.07 1.01

1.07 1.01

1.05 1.00

1.03 0.98

[size=+1]Dark Elf[/size]
1.01 0.96

[size=+1]High Elf[/size]
1.03 0.98
1.10 1.03 *Lore Friendly Optional Download*

[size=+1]Wood Elf[/size]
1.01 0.96
1.00 1.01 *Lore Friendly Optional Download*

1.16 1.03
1.09 1.03 *Lore Friendly Optional Download*

1.02 0.97

1.02 0.97

1.05 0.98

Along with the changes to race height I've changed the female Orc walk from the male walk to the female walk and given them access to one of the better looking Nord noses.
Additionally all sizes apply to vampires of the same race.

**Optional Lore Friendly Version available that adheres closer to TES standard**

Now available in Spanish! here
Now available in  Italian! here

***************Version 2.1***************
Temporarily removed the vampire height changes as they were causing a dark face bug in the Special Edition.
(A new version will be added to restore them once I can fix the issue properly.)

***************Version 2.0***************
Updated to correct the standing in the saddle bug that occurred with the latest versions of skyrim.
Big thanks to VikingPrince for pming me and letting me know about the issue!

Occasional NPCs will interact with counters or other objects and shrink down to default size, normally they pop back to normal. In the event that they do not, simply open the console, click on them and type setscale 1 this will set them back to their proper size.

Uploaded a image of the nose added for female orcs. (A wolf ran up and made her angry and ruined the picture at the last second though)

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