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Adds trading posts along the roads of Solstheim for buying and selling all types of items.

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Solstheim TRADING POSTS BY DemonLord7654
In honor of Skyrim's 10th anniversary I made a trading posts mod for the Dragonborn DLC.

Have you ever experienced the Elder Scrolls games without using the fast travel function? If the answer is yes then this mod will satisfy any traveling adventurers needs! This mod adds three trading posts along the roads of Solstheim for the buying and selling of various items.


Moesring Trading Post - Sits at the foot of Miraak's temple and the entrance to the Moesring Mountain Pass
Forgotten Trading Post - Nestled near the summit of the northernmost mountain range by White Ridge Barrow
Reaver Trading Post - Along the eastern shorelines on the road from Tel Mithryn to Thirsk Hall

If you would like to make a translation for this file then you can do so as long as you link this page and credit me as the original author.
(if you could message me on the forums as a courtesy then that would be great!)