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A simple mod that does a simple thing - adds trees to Falkreath.

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Simple mod, simple description.

Lush Falkreath

Lush Falkreath is a simple mod, that does a simple thing, that makes a big difference. It adds trees! LF adds trees, and a few other plants, to make the town look like it's situated in a forest.

You may be asking yourself some questions. IS IT PRETTY? Hell yeah. IS IT IMMERSIVE?! Well, in Falkreath, yeeaah! (Maybe not in Whiterun though.) IS IT WORTH IT?! I think so.

This doesn't use any custom models or textures (super simple, I told you) or assets or whatever, just the default flora that comes with the Skyrim Special Edition game. You shouldn't have any problems loading it into your game!

Originally, I was going to use some of Vurt's Flora Overhaul in this mod (with their permission, of course) but I decided against it as I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. If, accidentally, some of their stuff made it in here, oops, but it shouldn't be a problem.

Some of these pictures were taken with my own visual mods on, some were not! I use Flora Overhaul, Realistic Lighting Overhaul, and Vivid Weathers.

Keep an eye out for other settlements being lush-ified!

NOTE: THE IMAGES TITLED VANILLA ARE WITH ONLY THIS MOD ACTIVATED, not the vanilla game WITHOUT the mod. The images titled custom have my own mods enabled AS WELL.

Notes about this mod

  • I did not do new navmesh, so you may find that NPCs have trouble navigating the off-road areas of Falkreath. If this does become a problem, I may look into making the added trees with no collision or just doing a navmesh. Either way.
  • This mod *may* lag your game when you go to Falkreath, though I have no trouble with lag. Just saying, someone might.
  • This mod moves a couple of items, like a tanning rack, to a new location no more than about 10 feet away. If you can't find your favorite tanning rack, look around in the immediate vicinity.
  • Load this mod before/under Vurt's Flora Overhaul, if you have it.

Just use NMM to install, or put the .esp file in your Data folder in your Skyrim Special Edition directory.

This is a beta version. Currently I am working on completing the Navmesh and optimization.