Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Draugr bodies and Draugr armors lore-friendly textures overhaul.

Permissions and credits

This is a Draugr bodies and a Draugr armors re-texture. I started to work on vanilla files (with the High Texture Pack installed) that were 2k (512 the hair). This mod doesn't take any slot in your load order.

For references the files were taken here:
textures\actors\draugr (12 file)
textures\actors\dlc02\hulkingdraugr (4 file)
textures\dlc01\clutter\vampireremains (1 file)

I tried more to improve then to change. The skins have been revisited, it should appear more slimy. Many things have been redone, the teeth, ears, lips. Still that the vanilla draugr meshes are really cornered, clips one with another, stretching, there is nothing that can be done about in my opinion, if not to create new meshes.
The Draugr armors (Ancient Nord, both female and male) in the same draugr folder, have been worked too, they appear now more rugged, the fur and pelt inserts have been redone too.

Do notice, the armors are used also by the Skeleton Warriors (dlc01) and they are not shared with the player. The ancient
north armor that the player can wear it is in another folder, behind all the armors of the game, and it was not included. The female veil, contained in the same female Draugr skin file, has been enhanced, within the skin itself of course, the fabric should appear more detailed now.
Hair and their color have been changed as well, the male version is whitish now, the female one more dark.

To let you know, glowing eyes effect have separated meshes and textures, I could adjust the textures, but really they were not visible in the game, so I left them alone, also because the glowing eyes are essentially made by the meshes and some light setting over them, that can be easily changed by editing the mesh. Texture are completely secondary in this case.  The small dot you see in the living Draugr males it is attached to each body male mesh. The female doesn't use it, I still wonder why the authors made it for male, although the female show the same light effect when awake.

Edit: Added two files in miscellaneous section.
The first remove the ugly 3d pupil on Draugr meshes (female and Hulking Draugr don't use it).
The second greatly reduced the Eyes light effect on male and slight reduce it on female. Enough to not seem bottle caps.
Both files contains just meshes and they are not fully tested, consider them as beta.

Do notice, some screenshot do refer to the old 1.0 version,  the newer ones are named v.1.1.

This was my first contribute in Skyrim, I just updated and duplicated it to the Special Edition.

Have fun!


Video to the left by AbsoluteAesthetic (youtube channel: Absolute Aesthetic). Video to the right by Gundamzeppelin (Youtube channel It'sAGundam)

Video on the left side by FeuerTin. Video on the right side by Hodilton.
Note: Both video refer to the version 1.0


This mod comes in different packages with a fomod installer :


  • 4k compressed diffuse maps and 4K compressed normal map (1k the hairs).

  • 4k compressed diffuse maps and 2K compressed normal map (1k the hairs).

  • 2K compressed diffuse maps and 2K compressed normal map (1k the hairs) - Just like the vanilla with the official HD pack installed, but the hairs.
  • 1K compressed diffuse maps and 1K compressed normal map (512 the hairs)

Miscellaneous section:

  • - remove the ugly 3d pupil on Draugr meshes (female and Hulking Draugr don't use it).
  • Draugr.Reuced.FXEyes - greatly reduced the Eyes light effect on male and slight reduce it on female. Enough to not seem bottle caps.


Those are 7zipped fomod installers, you can use what you want or unpack and do it manually. I'm using Mod Organizer, I did found it safe, clean and versatile ones you get used to. Look a bit scaring at the start but after you are used to it everything is a lot more easy to manage. "Virtualizing" the Data folder could sounds weird but it leave you the possibility to try, undo, change anything, by just clicking, checking, unchecking, dragging without even touching the real game folder or even creating copies of the files. It just doesn't overwrite anything for real. The author, Tannin, that I can't thank enough, has been pure genius doing it.


They could not work as intended if you installed some different draugr meshes (body, armor) then vanilla one.


DDSopt to extract files.
Adobe Photoshop
with the dds plugin to work on textures.
Nifskope just to quick preview the textures over the meshes.
Notepad for the xml fomod packages.


The whole modding community.


If you show in same way my assets in public places you must and should always credit the author.
These files are Nexusmod exclusive unless I give specific permission and instructions. My files follow the Nexusmods rules.
Users cannot upload my files to other sites, any type of sites, included file sharing host. Users cannot modify my file; including releasing bug fixes or improving on the features my file adds to the game, and upload it as a separate file. Users cannot use my assets in any mods/files that are being sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or other platforms. Users cannot use assets contained in my files in their own files without my permission.

I saw someone breaking every rule. So if I'll give the permission now on, I'll report bottom here the site name that had my permission, about each mod, for real, automatically all the others have to be considered cheating and will be reported.


Video by GamerPoets