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Implements advanced Text-to-Speech and speech synthesis for player voice lines, unvoiced NPC voice lines, book reading, and custom hotkey text.

Permissions and credits
This mod provides fairly comprehensive TTS functionality for Skyrim using Microsoft SAPI and/or xVASynth.

Features include:

  • Selecting individual voices, pitch, and speed for player, female NPCs, male NPCs, and book reading (using MCM)
  • Playing the highlighted dialogue choice by hovering and pressing the Shift key
  • Speaking player voice lines when selected
  • Speaking NPC voice lines from mods that don't have sound files
  • Reading entire books even after closing a book, or reading pages as they are turned
  • Selecting individual voices, pitch, and speed for specific NPCs (using XML)
  • Creating speech lines for player actions like attacking, dying, sneaking etc (using XML) broken ATM
  • Setting custom hotkeys to play specific speech lines (using MCM)

Here's a video showcasing some of the mod's functionality:


There is a hotkey (default X) to stop any speech that is currently playing.

Subtitles must be turned off in Skyrim settings in order to speak unvoiced NPC dialogue.


Pressing the speak hotkey (default Left Shift) will preview the highlighted dialogue choice.


Pressing the speak hotkey (default Left Shift) will read the current pages.

Pressing the read book hotkey (default Right Ctrl) will read the entire book (I'm not sure it will actually manage to read the entire book, needs testing).

Book reading continues after the book is closed. To stop reading, press the stop speaking hotkey (default X)


The XML file is at Data/SKSE/Plugins/EXAMPLE_FuzRoBork.xml. To use, rename it to FuzRoBork.xml, and edit it as you like.

The XML file is separated into the following sections:

  • npcs - lets you set custom parameters for specific named NPCs, or partial matches using regular expressions
  • pcs - lets you set custom voice lines for specific actions taken by the player (not yet implemented)
  • fixes - lets you set custom find and replace text to adjust for improperly pronounced words
  • hotkeys - lets you set custom text to be triggered by a hotkey set in the MCM menu
  • random - a list of texts to use to test voices in MCM
Custom text strings can use SAPI XML codes with square brackets: [volume], [rate], [pitch], [emph], and [spell]. See the SAPI 5.4 tutorial for details.


xVASynth compatibility requires a plugin for xVASynth to be installed, and xVASynth to be running.

  • Install xVASynth.
  • Download the xVASynth - Fuz Ro Bork plugin here and unpack it to the xVASynth folder.
  • Run xVASynth and keep it open.
  • Enable the realTimeTTS plugin in xVASynth.
  • Run Skyrim with the latest version of this plugin.
  • Select a voice in MCM settings interface.

I recommend only using xVASynth for the player voice, because it can only play one speech line at a time.

SAPI Voices

As of 0.5.0, you should have access to all Windows voices. You can install extra voices in Windows Languages settings.

If you're looking for hyper-realistic voices, I use IVONA Voices 2, which are now a part of Speech2Go. They're pretty expensive, and I'm not sure if the new versions still work, YMMV.


This mod requires:

  • Skyrim SE 1.5.97 or 1.6.353 (for Anniversary Edition)
  • SKSE 2.0.20 or 2.1.5 (for Anniversary Edition)
  • SkyUI


Do not use this mod with Fuz Ro D'oh - it uses the code from that mod and provides the same functionality. They won't probably work well together.

This mod makes use of  its own custom book.swf and dialoguemenu.swf, so if you want to use TTS for any of those, you will not be able to install other versions of those files. There shouldn't be a problem, it just won't work for that swf if you have a version from another mod. You can choose which you want to install from the mod install interface.


Install the prerequisites, then install this mod using your mod manager (Vortex or Mod Manager 2).

Use MCM (Mod Configuration menu) to edit the mod's settings.


Please let me know if it something doesn't work for you. Please check the following file for information on what might be happening:

Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\SKSE\FuzRoBork.log


Huge credit to shademe for Fuz Ro D'oh, which is the code on which this mod is based. This mod is licensed under the GPL3+ following that mod.

Credit to the creators of SkyUI and Better Dialogue Controls for the swf source files.

Much thanks to DanRuta and the xVASynth people for creating a plugin to make this work with xVASynth (and for all the work in xVASynth besides).

Thanks also to the Nexus Mods user who had the old version of this mod and sent it to me to use as a base to rebuild it.


Source code is at

If you want to complain or ask for help or help me test my mods, you can visit my Discord server.