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These animations will replace vanilla normal attack animations for one-handed weapons while standing still or moving in any direction. No requirements.

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This is a vanilla replacer version, to be used as is, or to be placed in your folder structure of choice (Nemesis PCEA, Combo/Stances Animation Framework, Diverse Random Normal Attack, etc...) and contains the following One-Handed animations:

-Right attack while standing, while walking or while running in the 4 directions.
-Left attack while standing, while walking or while running in the 4 directions.


The outfit seen in the preview is QuarantineCouture's Practical Pirate Outfit, if you have other questions unrelated to this mod regarding the preview, make sure to check the video description and/or the comment section.


  • None. (Not even FNIS/Nemesis)



  • Use any mod manager or manually copy the content from this mod's 'Data' into your Skyrim 'Data' folder.

Disclaimer: As is the case with my previous mods, while grounded, historical accuracy and realism (ex: shield in front) are not the intent of my animations, nor do I claim that they are. The animations are simply made according to my personal taste which is inevitably skewed by video games I played in the past. If you happen to share the same preferences that I do, then I'm happy for you!

Special thanks


Troy - YouLiekThait - Mura Casardis - Prerit Srivastava - fte205 - Lone Artist- Péter Ferik - NotSoWiseGuy -
Gilead - Shaquille Martin - McNuttington - Quinn

Ming Leung - Plooper - Confused Warrior - Andres Gomez - Conejito - William
Rodgers - Rio Grande - slonik - Vendasia x666x - Darkstallion143 - Andri
Mar Hagalin

It has been 1 year since the release of my very first Skyrim animation mod and I am profoundly thankful
to everyone whose kind words and constructive feedback help me keep improving and learning!

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