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This mod allows the player to adjust the hunger, fatigue, cold and carry weight. Also applies several tweaks to make Survival Mode more balanced and less debilitating. Light (ESP-FE) plugin.

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What does Survival Mode Settings do?

The purpose of this mod is to make the Survival Mode more balanced and enjoyable while still offering some challenge. In vanilla Survival Mode you need to be eating, sleeping and warming up constantly in order to be in any sort of fighting condition. This mod makes the penalties more relaxed and fair.

How do I change the settings?

A spell is added to the Powers menu which is used to change the settings. The hunger and fatigue rates can changed between 50-125% of the vanilla rates and the cold rate between 25-100% of the vanilla rate. The carry weight penalty can be set to 0, -50, -100 or -150. The settings may be changed at any time.

What other changes are there?

Changes have been made to the penalties for unfulfilled needs. The vanilla penalties are usually way too harsh and debilitating for the player, and thus have been toned down to make them feel more natural. In general, the severity of most penalties has been reduced by half. The penalties will increase gradually as you get more hungry/tired/cold.

The hunger reduction values for food items have also been adjusted to be more logical and realistic. The disparity between different foods has been greatly reduced. Raw meat will now reduce hunger by the same amount as cooked meat, so the beast races can now properly take advantage of eating raw meat.

The amount of status messages has been reduced and they are now more vague in describing the player's condition.

In vanilla Survival Mode, health does not regenerate. The health will now regenerate, albeit slowly, so you don't have to waste a potion to heal the last few hitpoints.

Fast travelling is disabled in vanilla Survival Mode. This mod adds a limited fast travel system that allows you to fast travel when standing next to a signpost or a horse carriage.