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8k Remasters and Reworks of 4thUnknown's excellent Dark Brotherhood Armor SE.
Extensive customization options provided in FOMODs

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This addon provides remastered and reworked 8k textures for 4thUnknown's Dark Brotherhood Armor SE.

4thUnknown's new Dark Brotherhood Armor has been a smash hit.  I hope these texture packs bring HD justice and immersion to such a perfect armor set.  Enjoy!

8k texture packs in 2 customizable variants.
8k textures for 4thUnknown's Blade of Woe, with customization options.

Install using Mod Manager:
I. Install Dark Brotherhood Armor SE.
II. Install either (1.) Tactical or (2.) Boethian variant.
III. Install optional (3.) Damascus Blade of Woe (REQUIRES 4thUnknown's optional file)

No issues known.

Will there be 4k/2k versions?
No.  The textures were upscaled to 8k to accommodate more details for the new materials.  Lower resolutions would break the quality of the normal maps and materials.
What's with 1822?
+18% Hue and +22% Saturation was applied to the original textures to create a traditional red/black dark brotherhood outfit.  Most similar to IconicDeath's variant on the original mod page.

  • If the FOMODs install incorrectly, simply reinstall with your same choices.   Returning to previous options in a fomod can cause certain options to appear which should not.  If you see armor color or boot options for the perforated or perforated/woven variants (not the herringbone variants), please cancel and restart the FOMOD installation immediately.
  • The image gallery is huge and totally not overdone.  Please enjoy my screenshots.
  • While this is an 8k texture pack, the original mesh is simple and very performance friendly.

Coming Soon: