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Septimus is an extensive modlist full of carefully chosen new gear, spells, quests, and personal touches, all designed to fit seamlessly into the game. It also contains optional lightweight survival gameplay and full anniversary edition creation club support. It is designed to look beautiful while maintaining a stable 60+ framerate.

Permissions and credits

  • Several new pieces of equipment such as halberds, long maces, spears and more
  • Many new lands to explore from Beyond Skyrim - Bruma and Wyrmstooth and several more mods
  • Vanilla quest expansions with the Quest Expansion series and More To Say
  • Additional and revamped followers with Auri, Arissa, Serana Dialogue Edit and Inigo
  • Gameplay additions such as The Ultimate Dodge Mod for a lightweight dodge mod, Custom Alternate Start and Simon Magus' gameplay overhauls
  • Lightweight survival elements with creation club survival and campsite (can be disabled in game for those who do not want it)
  • Full creation club support
  • Much, much more.

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Do not ask me how to modify the list in the comments or on GitHub. Feel free to do what you want with the list after you download it but I don't have time to help you learn how to mod or with issues if you break my setup.