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This mod replaces the loading screens in Skyrim with 205 screenshots that have been processed to resemble paintings. The screenshots in the mod were all submitted and voted on by the /tesg/ community.

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This is a port of an original Skyrim mod by Novajam and the /tesg/ community which can be found here.
I take no credit for the content of this mod. With Novajam's permission, I simply ported the files over to SSE and created a FOMOD installer.

The loadscreen mod isn't getting any more "official" updates or work done for the special edition. I don't know anything about modding for the special edition of Skyrim so if you've got the inclination to release a port that's fine so long as there's the same accreditation given to the people of /tesg/ who worked on it as is listed currently.
 - Novajam

--- The Elder Scrolls General Loadscreen Replacer ---

This mod replaces the loading screens in Skyrim with 205 screenshots that have been processed to resemble paintings. The screenshots in the mod were all submitted and voted on by the /tesg/ community.

The mod comes with a FOMOD installer featuring two main versions - fullscreen and small screen. Most screenshots are a resolution of 2560x1440 and the fullscreen version of the mod will fill 16:9 monitors completely and 16:10 monitors with some thin letterboxing. Other aspect ratios may see greater letterboxing or have the image cropped by the edge of the screen. In these cases there is the small screen version which is a shrunken image slightly to the left of the screen that can be zoomed and rotated with the mouse, much like the loadscreens in the vanilla game. All versions have original flavor text written pertaining to The Elder Scrolls lore, Skyrim, gameplay or the image itself.

The FOMOD installer also includes versions containing a small number of funny loading screens as well. In addition, in the "files" tab of this page there's a wallapaper pack containing all the screenshots from the mod as .jpg images.

--- Installation ---

1. Install by adding the .zip file to the NMM and running the FOMOD installer.
2. Choose one of the four versions available and enjoy!

I highly recommend a mod to remove the loading screen smoke. A good one can be found here. Also, a neat derivative of this mod has been created by Drakilon found here that applies a Sepia filter to all of the loading screens.

This mod can be installed/uninstalled at any time without complications.

--- Issues and Compatibility ---

- Most other mods that add new loading screens will be incompatible.
- You'll still be able to zoom the fullscreen versions in and out using the mouse. This is due to engine limitations.
- If you have ENB enabled on loading screens it can misrepresent the color of the images, flood them with bloom or otherwise make them look horrible. Append your enblocal.ini so that IgnoreLoadingScreen=true under the [FIX] category.
- Spelling and punctuation issues? Send a message if you see something out of place.

--- Credits ---

Thanks to Novajam for his original upload found here and his permission to upload this port.
Thanks to ousnius's SSE NIF Optimizer for porting the meshes over to SSE.
Thanks to XunAmarox's NMM Installer Tutorial for help on the creation of FOMOD installers.
Thanks to the anons, namefags and tripfags of /tesg/ for their submissions to the project.
Thanks to Tumblr Paintguy, Paintguy the Third and Fuma for their assistance processing the submissions.
Thanks to Guardly for facilitating community voting.
Thanks to Gypsy for assistance in writing flavor text and proofreading.