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- Up Dawnbreaker's damages on par with the dragonbone tier and make use of the brand new sun damage. Come in 4 different flavours : Fire damage, Sun damage and a two hybrid version.
- Stand Alone option to remove the items kb effect from proc.

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here is a SSE version of my mod
Dawnguard Dawnbreaker.

I've always liked Dawbreaker design and lore but even before dawnguard this sword was a bit weak. Since I didn't find an overhaul of daedric artifacts with all the features I wanted, I've decided to make my own Dawnbreaker.

Stat :

- Base damage up from 12 to 15 (same as a dragonbone sword).
- Unlimited charges for all versions.
- Benefit from the daedric smithing perk a the grindstone.
- Meridia Retribution (the explosion proc) unchanged.

Sun damage edition :
- 20 sun dmg + 20 sun dmg against undead

Fire damage edition :
- 30 fire dmg

Sunfire damage edition :
- 20 fire dmg
- 10 sun dmg + 10 sun dmg against undead

Holy Fire edition :
- 20 fire dmg
- 20 sun dmg against undead

Balance :

The unlimited charges or the enchant itself might seems somewhat unbalanced but since it is still possible to craft stronger weapons in the game (like a fire + lightning dragonbone weapon) I think it won't be game breaking.

Also keep in mind that :
- Fire damage can be resisted but some creatures like vampires are vulnerable to fire.
- Fire damage benefit from the destruction perk "augmented flames".
- Sun damage can not be resisted but undead are NOT vulnerable to sun damage. That's why I used the same method as the one Bethesda used on dawnguard weapons like Auriel Bow : base sun damage + bonus sun damage against a type of creatures (Undead).
- Sun damage works everywhere and at anytime (at night or underground, etc).
- The Sunfire Dawnbreaker will keep its fire aura on the blade (which is better looking imo) and NPC will still comment about "playing with fire" but both damage effects will be display on target.

Compatibility :
This mod will work with any mods altering Dawnbreaker, like any daedric artifact overhaul or smithing fix/overhaul. Just load your DawnguardDawnbreaker.esp AFTER them in the load order, it should work just fine.

Of course any change they made to Dawnbreaker will be overwritten by my mod (with the exception of the tempering recipe and the anti-undead proc which I didn't edit).

[Optional] Peaceful Explosion :

I've added a small fix to remove the knockback effect from the proc.
Visuals and sounds are still the same but you won't lose 20min to find the bloody key that got blown across the room :p
You can use the Peaceful Explosion fix alongside any other dawnbreaker mods (or none) that doesn't change the proc. It should even work with other proc tweak that doesn't edit the stagger magical effect.

Version history :

- Saved .esp with the new creation kit
- Up critical dmg from 6 to 7 (on par with Daedric / dragonbone)

Hope you'll enjoy it :)