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Adds a new dungeon to an already existing ruin of a small imperial fortress near Riften.
Built only with vanilla assets to make the dungeon feel like it has always been part of the original game.
Still we hope the way it is created and detailed makes it stand out to the player a little.

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The story of Prospectors Residence

Once upon a time, a poor man on his way to Riften found a vein of ore containing gold in the forest. As he dug further, following the vein into earths flesh, it didn't take long for him to be no poor man any-more. Soon he had dozens of miners working for him, making his wealth grow even quicker.
To protect the source of all his riches, the prospector built a stronghold upon his mine's entrance, where he henceforth took up his residence.
But the golden times of the prospector did not last forever, for eventually the ore veins ran dry. And one day, to make matters worse, many miners lives were killed after they dug into a cave system full of bloodthirsty creatures.
Thus the mine was abandoned and since there was no more gold unearthed, the residence became less guarded.
Still the tales of the riches beneath the stronghold never died down, so one day a troop of ferocious bandits took over the prospectors residence...