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Immersively enhances Dragons. Adds more shouts, more speed, and more reinforcements.

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Serio's Enhanced Dragons 

New: Serio's Enhanced Dragons Redone is now in BETA. File can be downloaded in optional section. See sticky post for information.

Serio's Enhanced Dragons immersively increases the difficulty of Dragons by adding new abilities, shouts, and tweaks to Dragons (including those added by other mods). The difficulty is dynamic and scales with the player's ability to slay Dragons.

Page Contents:

  • Enhanced AI
  • Dragon Hate System
  • Dynamic Dragon Reinforcements
  • Catharsis of Contempt & Dragon Slayer Perks
  • Options Menu
  • Installation/Updating
  • Complementary Mods
  • Compatibility/Load Order
  • Permissions
  • Special Thanks


Enhanced AI

  • Dragons will stay on the ground longer if it is advantageous and will take off in flight as soon as they lose their advantage.
  • Dragons will remain within the vicinity of the player; You no longer have to chase down Dragons - Dragons chase YOU.
  • Dragons can get bored of a drawn out battle and fly away on rare occasions.
  • Dragons will randomly Flight Grab non-Essential/Protected NPCs.

Dragon Hate
How Dragon Hate Works:
Ruthlessly slaying Dragons and devouring their Souls will build Dragon Hate over time.
The more ruthless you are, the more Hate you will be able to build.
However, when Dragons prove to be a challenge, Hate can diminish.
Dragons will begin to use new abilities each time your Hate Level increases.
Once a certain Level of Hate is reached, you will gain the ability to reset your Hate.
Hate currently caps at Level 10.

Dragon Hate Abilities:
  • Level 1 - Fus'Ro'Dah - If the Dragonborn gets it, why shouldn't every Dragon?
  • Level 2 - Force Blast - A large AoE stagger.
  • Level 3 - Gravity Bomb - AoE Shout that reduces movement speed by 50 for 20 seconds.
  • Level 4 - Fear Blast - AoE that causes all nearby NPCs to flee in terror.
  • Level 5 - Summon Sorroco - For 60 seconds, conjures a Draugr Scourge Lord.
  • Level 6 - Marked for Death - AoE that reduces damage resistance by 50 for 30 seconds.
  • Level 7 - Invisibility - Makes the Dragon invisible for 45 seconds.
  • Level 8 - Summon Soccoro - For 60 seconds, conjures a Dragon Priest that can summon a Storm Atronach.
  • Level 9 - Blood Cloak - A vampiric drain cloak that lasts for 30 seconds and deals 10 damage to Health, and 5 damage to Magicka and Stamina per second.
  • Level 10 - Alduin's Firestorm - Rains comets down from the sky.

Dragonborn Abilities:
  • Everyone's Grudge - Allows the Dragonborn to view current level of Hate.
  • Apologize - Prevents Reinforcements for the current Dragon Battle. Increases the chances of dragons flying away from combat. Costs 1 dragon soul. Reduces Hate by 3.
  • Catharsis of Contempt - A Shout that allows the Dragonborn to call Hateful Dragons to fight against.


Dynamic Dragon Reinforcements

How Dynamic Reinforcements Work:
This feature adds the possibility of another Dragon entering an existing Dragon fight.
The chance of a Reinforcement spawning is based on your performance in a Dragon Battle.
There is a base 5% chance that a Reinforcement will spawn at the start of a Dragon fight.
Each Reinforcement also has a chance of spawning yet another Reinforcement.
Each level of Hate adds 2% to the base chance of Reinforcements.


Catharsis of Contempt & Dragon Slayer Perks

What is Catharsis of Contempt?
Catharsis of Contempt is a single word Shout that is learned after completing a short quest at a certain level of Hate.
When you use this Shout, depending on the words of power used, 1 to 3 Hateful Dragons will arrive to fight against you.
  • First Word, Hate Level 5 - 1 Dragon
  • Second Word, Hate Level 8 - 2 Dragons
  • Third Word, Hate Level 10 - 3 Dragons
Once you have slain 3 Hateful Dragons, you will be able to select a Perk at the end of battle.
Hateful Dragons will be higher level than the usual random Dragon.
Reinforcements can still arrive during this battle.
Slaying reinforcements will not result in additional points.
Apologize cannot be used during this battle.
Hate will be reduced to 0 once the last Hateful Dragon has been slain.
The second and third words of power are unlockable via the Everyone's Grudge Menu after obtaining 1 and 2 perks, respectively, and each will also cost 3 Catharsis points to purchase.

Overview of Dragon Slayer Perks:
Dragon Slayer Perks will only activate during Dragon Battles.
  • Stream of Life - Increase HP/MP/ST recovery while crouching and standing still by 100%
  • Flying Talon- Guarantees Critical Hit while in just the right range of a target.
  • Anchor To Nirn - Increase Spell and Shout potency by 20% while standing still. 
  • Unyielding Resolve - Increases Damage Resistance by 40% during a power attack.
  • Essence of Aegis - Increases Magic Resist by 40% while blocking with a Shield or using a Ward, and 20% while blocking with a Weapon.
  • Vocal Prowess - Reduces shout cooldowns by 30%.
  • Danse Macabre - Increases normal melee attack damage by 25%.

Options Menu:

  • An Options Menu is now available as a power.
  • Options include: Toggle Hate Attacks, Toggle Reinforcements, Adjust Mod Intensity, Health Scaling, Toggle Scripted Mod Effects.
  • About Mod Intensity: Adjusts how quickly Hate is generated after completing dragon battles. Current settings are Light, Normal, Heavy, and Very Heavy.
  • About Health Scaling: The mod now offers an option to increase the base health of dragons (default is none). Health will now scale by a small portion based on Hate level and Mod Intensity (default 2.5% per Hate at normal intensity); This effect stacks with the aforementioned base health increases and can be turned off in the options menu.


  • Installation - Download and use your Mod Manager of Choice
  • Updating - Uninstall version 1.xx first! Then install this one. I am using BSA for this new version. Also, don't update if you're in a Dragon Fight.

Complementary Mods:

Compatibility/Load Order:

  • Compatible with KS Dragon Overhaul 2. Place KSD2 after this mod.
  • Compatible with KS Dragonrend Overhaul. Place KSDO after this mod.
  • Compatible with Dragons - Less Flying - More Fighting.
  • Compatible with mods that adds Dragons such as Diverse Dragons Collection, Enhanced Mighty Dragons, and Bellyache's New Dragon Species. Load these before this mod.
  • Compatible with Sturdy Dragons and Resilient Dragons.
  • May not be compatible with Mods that add Dragons as part of a Quest.
  • Should be compatible with Mods that add Dragons as Companions.

Special Thanks:

  • Apollodown (DCO) - Inspiration and Referencing for Development
  • GammaLead - Testing and Feedback
  • Mchrdz - Testing, Reporting, and Proofing
  • Azella - Feedback
  • Sedna1795 - Traditional Chinese Translation
  • Shar1026 - Showcase Videos
  • Enai & Mator - Convinced me to Open Permissions

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