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A collection of new and redesigned vanilla assets in the Snow Elf Ruins style for mod authors.

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Snow Elf Ruins Resource Pack
The Collection

The Snow Elf Ruins (SERuins) design is one of the few that provides the "epic" feel in terms of large interior spaces. It, in addition, has a noble or even divine-like texture set. These make the SERuins design a viable option for any grand theme. The only problem is there aren't many vanilla assets for this design, and that's where this resource comes in.

This mod is an exhaustive collection new Snow Elf Ruins assets (currently 158); generously provided by various mod authors and the Step Team. It's a modder's resource that has been gathered, converted for use on Skyrim Special Edition, renamed for consistency and reorganized. This was done so the distinctive SERuins design can be a more viable option for construction projects.

The assets collected from their respective mods have had very little to no additional work completed on them for the initial release beyond converting them for use on Skyrim Special Edition. The assets provided by the Step Team used the vanilla Skyrim Special Edition meshes as a base or SMIM, when available. The installer is designed so specific objects, like furniture, can be installed while skipping other items not desired.

The mods listed below are included within this resource pack with permission via the mod pages and/or authors. All credit for the assets provided by these mods go to their talented authors.

Recommended Snow Elf Ruins Retextures:

Authors who have new or redesigned vanilla assets for the SERuins and wish to contribute them to this collection, please DM us.

How to Use
As mentioned, this is a modder's resource. As such, this mod does nothing without some assembly. Most authors will already know how to include these in their mods, but for those that don't keep reading.

  1. Extract the meshes desired to a custom folder located within the Meshes folder of your mod's directory
  2. If any meshes require any of the custom textures, ensure to extract them to a custom folder located within the Textures folder of your mod's directory
  3. When using the custom textures, update the texture paths on the meshes unless the default directory structure is used
  4. Load your mod in the Creation Kit
  5. Add new objects for each of the assets extracted from the first step, ensuring to use a unique EditorID (name)