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A cruel weapon with a trail and many custom effects available only in 4K

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A cacophony of screams echoes from the eerie viridescent glow of the blade, the howls of the damned escaping and oozing out from every crevice and scratch on its ornate surface letting loose a brief glimpse into the unseen world from the weary souls waiting to be felt, to be heard. The weapon appears as an anathema, an uneasy violation of nature as unique and beautiful as it is grisly and macabre

Weapon Types Available: Greatsword and Sword
Resolution: Only available in 4k at the moment
The Weapon is upgradable at a forge to increase its strength and thirst for souls with the Ebony Smithing Perk!
In order to craft this, you must have the ebony smithing perk and get a crafting book that has a chance to drop from a Seeker 
The weapon has unlimited Soul Steal and Damages the Enemies Stamina, it can be upgraded with more of its unique crafting material and will grow stronger as you feed it more souls
It has custom enchantment soundfx, hitfx, enchantment fx, and a unique soul steal variant

Blender, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Topogun, Creation Kit

Austioxv for the concept and direction

You cannot use this in your mods without explicitly contacting me or Austioxv
[email protected]

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