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Original mod by FastestDogInTheDistrict - ported to SE by tinabanina

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Replace the vanilla loincloth with some simple boxer-briefs. SSE port of Fastestdoginthedistrict's vanilla male underwear replacer.

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A simple male underwear replacement mesh which replaces the vanilla male loincloth with a pair of rustic looking trunks.

This is an SSE port of Underwear Replacer - Vanilla Male by FastestDogintheDistrict.   If you like/endorse this, please pop over and endorse the original!  I found myself missing this more than expected when I made the jump from Oldrim to SSE, so I ported it myself.  All I've done is run the mesh through CAO and uploaded it here to save people a few clicks. 

As it replaces the  malebody_0.nif/ malebody_1.nif, I don't think this will work with HIMBO (but I don't use it so can't be sure).  It should work on the player and any NPCs who use the vanilla malebody mesh, and with any textures you already have. 

I will look into making this standalone - having never made a clothing or armor mod before, it'd be a good chance for me to learn how.  Totally happy for someone else to do this though.  I will also check if this can work as a replacer for the default underwear in Equippable Underwear for NPCs with a simple rename and change in folder structure.