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This mod overhauls the passive buffs given by Alchemy and Alteration perks for Requiem SSE.

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Requiem - Mutagens

Alchemy and Alteration are the most overpowered skills in Requiem. They give passive buffs that add up to 30% magic resistance, 100 health/stamina/magicka, health/stamina/magicka regeneration, disease immunity, the list goes on. This leads players to prioritize these skills in characters that shouldn't use them, leading all characters to feel the same. This is compounded by Alchemy being by far the most boring skill to level, and the most powerful. This mod should help.

The perks that give passive buffs have been removed from their respective skill trees and put beside the Alchemy tree, with no Alchemy skill requirement. To get these perks, you now need a mutagen, and to spend a perk point. If you actually want to use alchemy, you can create mutagens yourself with a high enough skill level (at the cookpot). Otherwise, mutagens have been hand-placed in dungeon throughout Skyrim and Solsthiem, in places difficult enough to reach that the perks aren't overpowered for your level. In addition, the perks themselves have been changed to be more balanced.

Mutagen locations

  • Night Vision: Evergreen Grove (guarded by a Spriggan)/Elgrim's Elixirs (can only be stolen).
  • Magic Resistance: Forsaken Cave/Darklight Tower.
  • Regeneration: Nightcaller Temple (by the Torpor).
  • Immunization: Ashfallow Citadel.
  • Fortify Muscles: Sinderion's Workshop.
  • Alchemical Intellect: Soul Cairn (by the Elder Scroll).

Perk Changes

  • Magic resistance is now only two ranks with 15% each. This is because it was the only three perk sink in the game. Rank one is still in Alteration, but now improves Candlelight, as I couldn't delete it without adding several new patches.
  • Regeneration now gives a flat 1 regen per second to both health and stamina.
  • Immunization now give 100% disease and poison resistance, as they are both basically useless.
  • Fortify Muscles now gives only 50 health and stamina.
  • Alchemical Intellect now only give 50 magicka and 1 regen per second, as well as the spell cost buffs.

A patch for Nox's Special Feats is provided.