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Adds cooking pots to inns and taverns
english and german version available

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Did you ever wonder how the inns and taverns manage to offer warm meals without having cooking stations? Often there is a big fireplace in the middle of the taverns, but it's not used for cooking. It's not very immersive.
So I gave all inns and taverns some cooking pots, that didn't have any so far.

Here is a list of all inns and taverns that now have their own cooking station:
  • Sleeping Giant Inn (Riverwood)
  • Windpeek Inn (Dawnstar)
  • The Bee and Barb (Riften; new position)
  • The Frozen Hearth (Winterhold)
  • Frostfruit Inn (Rorikstead)
  • Silver-Blood Inn (Markath)
  • Braidwood Inn (Kynesgrove)
  • Dead Man's Drink (Falkreath)
  • Vilemyr Inn (Ivarstead)
  • The Winking Skeever (Solitude)
  • Nightgate Inn (between Dawnstar and Windhelm)
  • Four Shields Tavern (Dragonbridge)
  • Moorside Inn (Morthal)

Taverns which are not affected and won't get any cooking station:
  • New Gnisis Cornerclub (Windhelm; no fireplace)
  • The Ragged Flagon (Riften; has fireplace but no good place to put a cooking pot)

There is a similar mod (Convenient Inns by angryglock), but it adds too many things that aren't needed in every tavern in my opinion. So my mod is a very lightweight version, that only focusses on cooking pots.


Just use a Mod Manager like NMM and follow the installation steps.

For manual installation unzip the downloaded file to a temporary folder. Pick the version you want, either the german or the english one and copy it to your SkyrimSE Data folder. Activate the mod ingame in the mod menu.


Just use your Mod Manager to uninstall.

For manual uninstallation delete the file "CookingInTaverns.esp" in the SkyrimSE Data folder.


Cooking in Taverns is potentially not compatible with mods that edit the interior of the taverns listed above - so it's not compatible with InnCredible or The New Winking Skeever.
It is compatible with (interior) lighting mods like Enhanced Lights and FX or with immersion mods like More Tavern Idles - I use both of them.

You can activate or deactivate the mod whenever you want, it will not harm your savegame.

The mod is cleaned with SSEEdit.


Feel free to translate this mod to any other language, but please credit me as the original author.
Do not publish any modified version of this mod - you can ask me if I will modifiy it by myself.
Do not publish this mod or any translation somewhere else - it is Nexus-exclusive only.