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Adds animated tentacles to the glowing mushroom.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds animated tentacles to the glowing mushroom.

High poly meshes
Enb particle light

The video is made by TakahashiThePimp.

This is only a mesh replacer (+ enb particle light texture)
There is no esp/ esl file.

You can install/ uninstall at any time.
You can use any HD texture you like or the default texture.
Put this mod at the very end of your load list.

I used the mod <Blackreach Tentacle Mesh Fix> from wSkeever.
Blackreach Tentacle Mesh Fix
Many thanks to him for his permission to use his mod (meshes).

:: UPDATE  v3.01 ::
added new collision meshes from sync67 and optional a much bigger hit box from sync67 too.
many thanks to you and your permission to use your assets.
please visit his sites and endorse it.


:: UPDATE ::
* BugFix: install script was wrong
* BugFix: issue reported by radiusrsatti. thank you very much. no more levitate after dropping the mushroom

* decreased the collision box again.

* added new kind. the single mushroom changes its color by time. i used the texture from HalkHoganPL
:: ::

:: UPDATE ::
* added low animated mesh
* you can try any time to find the one that fits your expectations.
* install/ reinstall at any time. it's only a mesh replacement.
:: ::

:: UPDATE ::
* added 'No Decal' flag, issue with ENB --> many thanks to Mur4s4me
* reduced size of the collision box --> many, many thanks to Mur4s4me
* fixed issue with harvesting --> many, many, many thanks to Mur4s4me !!!
:: ::