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Moonlight Tales replaces the Well Escape animation used by Sinding when he escapes from the Falkreath jail to have a new howl animation. This causes Sinding not the leave the well at times and prevents the quest from advancing. This patch uses Dynamic Animation Replacer to revert the well animation to the vanilla version for the escape scene.

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When Sinding escapes from the Falkreath jail cell at the beginning of Ill Met By Moonlight, there is a single use animation of him climbing out of the well. Moonlight Tales replaces this animation with a new Howl animation. This means that Sinding does not climb out of the jail, and sometimes it prevents the quest from advancing properly. This simple patch uses Dynamic Animation Replacer to revert to the vanilla animation for the escape scene only. This allows the Moonlight Tales howl animation to be played the rest of the time.

Dynamic Animation Replacer
Moonlight Tales

Install using your favorite mod manager. That's it.

Should be compatible with most everything.

Thanks to:
Felisky for making DAR
Brevi and spwned for Moonlight Tales
Bethesda for Skyrim
The Discord folks for DarkLadyLexy's LoTD Skyrim SE Modding Guide