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Armor replacer for bandits

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This mod strategically edits the bandit level list to have a mixture of armors and stops the god awful fur armor from being spammed. I hate that stupid armor, it looks so ugly and makes no sense for people to be running around half-naked in Skyrim out of all places.

Anyway, I basically made a tier-list for the bandits.

At low levels, you will see iron sets or iron sets mixed in with fur/leather.

Mid levels, there will be iron and steel, or both mixed with each other or with fur/leather

Mid level tier 2, there will be dwarven, iron, steel, scale, leather and there will be mix match of everything or a full on set depending on chances.

Mid level tier 3, there will be steel plate mixed with everything.

Max armor level tier is capped at 40-48, and Nordic Carved Armor set will be the final tier piece. 

I don't think armor should go beyond Nordic Carved Armor set because it's ridiculous to see bandits with ebony armor running around at lvl 60.

Also fur armor can go to hell. I don't mind it but its so stupid seeing that idiotic armor being spammed left and right with bandits. 

Also, i've included some armor pieces like Stormcloak cuirass and imperial light leather and blade armor sets to allow for some deserters roleplay. They aren't going to be common and very rare due to small chance but I think it's immersive.

As of version 1.1, NordWarUA's Chainmail and Heavy Nordic Armor are included.

The Chainmail will appear anywhere from low-mid tier and the Heavy should start appearing at Mid to Max tier.

Version 1.2, Now have Imperial Heavy Armor sets to spawn as well as introducing every hold guard armors with a small chance to spawn on bandits.