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Tired of hitting Take All by accident because of the odd E and R key (or A or X button) bindings? Annoyed by the quantity prompt? Wish you could put all of your ingredients away with a single button? Better Container Controls can help.

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There's now Better Container Controls for SkyUI for people using SkyUI SE 5.2.

This mod is for those still using the original game interface or an old version of SkyUI.

Are you tired of taking everything from a container by accident because of the strange mappings of the E and R keys (or A or X buttons)? Do you get annoyed by the quantity prompt or wish you could put all of your ingredients away with a single command?

Better Container Controls changes the default key and button mappings for the container, barter, and gift menus. It even adds some new options for your convenience. The main files are designed for the original interface but also work with QD Inventory.

Version 2.2 doesn't make any changes to the main file for the original interface.

New: Version 2.2 adds a total weight option and a few more bug fixes for the SkyUI 2.2 interface.

SkyUI 2.2 Scripts are available in the Optional Files section. You don't need the main file if you are using SkyUI but you'll need to apply those scripts to the SkyUI files yourself using the JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler program, but it's very easy and I've provided a step-by-step guide. If you've already followed Fhaarkas' Guide on reddit for getting rid of the SKSE warnings then this is even easier.

You can also use the new configuration files provided to display the value/weight and a new total weight column. There are 6 different options and you can choose them by following the instructions at the bottom of the configuration file provided.


E is now always Take, Give, or Store (depending on your current view).

Alt + E moves all of that item without displaying a quantity prompt.
Ctrl + E moves only one of the item even if you have a stack of them.

Mouse buttons move items by default or equip them if Shift is pressed.
Right-click/Left-equip on a book will read it even from a container.

R is now always Take All, Take Most, Give Most, or Store Most.

Shift + R or Ctrl + R switches to Take Most mode even for containers
Alt + R move even more items than the usual Most options.

The Take All feature from the original game only works for containers. The new Take/Give/Store Most feature works when sharing items with followers or putting items into containers.

Why Most instead of All? You wouldn't want a Give All option when talking to your follower because you will want to keep the clothes and armor you're wearing, your equipped weapons, items you've marked as favorites, your keys, lockpicks, gold, etc.

Books and keys aren't transferred in Most mode unless you're looking at just books or just keys or are holding the Alt key when you press R. Most also won't move items with names that begin with a space or the center dot (·) character, or any other items you configure by name in the bcckeys.cfg file.

The Take Most/Give Most/Store Most feature works by simulating you pressing E repeatedly. If there are very many items in the container or your inventory the process can be slow. (I don't recommend going to qasmoke and trying it on the All Weapons container, etc.) If you get tired of waiting or something seems to be going wrong simply close the container menu.