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Diversifies body type of ~900 NPCs. Characters are fit, fat, curvy, bulky, stocky, athletic, thin, muscular, hourglass, pear, round, slim, and busty. Designed to enhance immersion in game by making the characters seem more real. Each affected character receives their own unique body, instead of looking like cookie cutouts.

Permissions and credits


Now gives Males and Females unique bodies!
The goal of this mod is to give every character possible their own unique body. Races included are Nord, Imperial, Redgurad, Breton, High Elf, Wood ELf, Dark Elf, and Orc!

Over 180 body (mesh) sliders were adjusted to develop each body and give each body their own unique shape. Thousands of bodies were generated beforehand to obtain good statistical data for body types. Slider values were then adjusted based on a gaussian distribution with tweaks to the math to normalize mesh shapes. The result is that every character affected gets a unique body that is properly proportioned for maximum realism.

V0.2.0 Update
Body type baselines are chosen from a pool of realistic body options based on character archetype. So if a character is a soldier as an example, he may receive one of a dozen slider presets for soldier body types. Then these slider values as well as all of the slider values irrelevant to the archetype are randomized with gaussian distribution to make each soldier in the game have a unique shape and proportions but still look like soldiers. 

Here are the NPCs whose body shape is driven by occupation or archetype. These lists are incomplete, if you would like for more NPCs bodies to be archetype driven, please help me by filling these lists! I will be happy to update.
Female Archetype List
Male Archetype List

I recommend to use your preferred mod manager to install. 
Manual installation is possible by unzipping to your data folder, but be aware that manual installation will unpack hundreds of meshes into your data directories.

Load Order
If this mod is installed high in the load order then other mods may overwrite the NPC bodies included in this file with the default. If a patch is a available then this will not happen. 
Load order should be UHPFE --> NPC replacer such as The Ordinary Women --> Patch
For multiple NPC replacers load order should be UHPFE --> Pandorables --> Patch  --> Babes of Skyrim --> Patch
Also, depending on how your personal mods are set up you may need CBBE after UHPFE to fix wrist and ankle seams. It is important the CBBE be after UHPFE in your assets overwrites, not your plugin order. In MO2 the assets overwrites are on the left and plugin load order on the right.

Alternatively, if this mod is installed below other NPC replacers it will overwrite the changes that those mods mods produce.
This mod is compatible with some mods that affect NPC appearance such as Botox for Skyrim so in these cases load order will not be an issue.

How this mod is different than the base game:
There are two meshes for all male and female characters in the game. A skinny mesh and a stocky mesh. Each NPC has a weight value between 0 and 100, usually in multiples of 10. The character's body mesh is an interpolation between those two meshes. The result is that everybody ends up looking the same because they all share the same body shape. This mod gives every possible NPC their own unique 0 and 100 size body meshes and still uses the NPC's weight to interpolate on top of that.  

What this mod does not do:
  • This mod does not affect the player character, there is already at least one mod which does this.
  • This mod does not affect followers. The reason is twofold, firstly the file size would be much larger because followers may wear almost any outfit in the  game and there would need to be meshes existing for those, secondly because many people use outfits downloaded from the Nexus for their followers and I cannot include those for obvious reasons. This option may be included as an add-on to this mod later if there is enough support.
  • This mod does not affect NPC textures. I think I will try to add textures to a later update for this mod, because this will really add to the core intent of the mod. Currently their are many mods that offer textures for NPCs which are compatible with this mod.

Future Plans:
  • Add textures to further diversify NPCs

With many hundreds of bodies affected, I have only been able to check a handful. If you find a bug that is not related to incompatibility, please let me know by adding to the posts page and I will try to fix the issue.

Requirements / Compatibility

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch was used as a master for this mod so that this mod would not overwrite any of the corrections that USSEP makes, that being said, this mod should function perfectly without USSEP.
XPMSSE is required for the physics enabled version of this mod.

This mod is directly compatible with Botox for Skyrim, another NPC overhaul mod.

I have checked this mod with 173 other popular mods and have not seen any obvious issues so far. There may be incompatibility when another mod affects the same NPC's as this one. This does not affect NPCs added in by other mods such as Interesting NPCs, but NPCs from other mods may be added in if there are enough requests. Also,  if there is enough encouragement and support from the modding community patches may be made to improve compatibility. 


Bodyslide and Outfit Studio by ousnius and Caliente were integral to the creation of this mod. Also HIMBO was used to creat e the male bodies with permission from Kreiste. Special thanks for this! Without these resources this mod would be incomprehensibly difficult to make.

Several mods were used to create the images for this file. If I have left any out, I apologize and will try to correct but here is a list of those which I believe are present.
  • Books of Skyrim SE
  • Botox for Skyrim
  • Obsidian Weathers and Seasons
  • Fair Skin Complexion
  • SkyrimSE Re-Engaged ENB
  • Skyrim 2020 Parallax by Pfuscher
  • [*]Courageous Women - High Poly Head Female NPC Overhaul